health. What is PCOS, PCOS that affects more than one in ten women?

PCOS, or PCOS, is the leading cause of infertility in the world. Still little known, it affects more than one in ten women and there is no cure yet. Focus on this female disease only.

Like endometriosis, another disease that affects only women, which is Polycystic ovary syndrome It is very prevalent among the population but few people know of its existence if they do not encounter it directly. Between medical fugue, ignorance, and inattention of health workers, affected women denounce deficiencies in care.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is The most common hormonal disease In women of childbearing age. The name of this disease comes from its description, made in the 1930s, based on the observation of what one thought were cysts in the ovaries of female patients. It is actually many follicles with incomplete development.

There are many symptoms of this hormonal imbalance. The majority of women involved have Ovulation disorders leading to irregular cycles or even a complete absence of periods ( Menopause) and cause a Infertility risk (There is no infertility, many women manage to have children, sometimes with medical help.)

come next hyper masculinity due to an overproduction of testosterone. This surplus will result in excessive In 70% of women with the syndrome as well young love Based on Alopecia areata (hair loss).

Androgen excess predisposes to insulin resistance and diabetic. Patients also have an increased riskhigh pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Symptoms can be more or less significant depending on the woman, but they often lead to a lack of self-confidence, which can amount to depression.

Fannie, a 21-year-old girl from Le Havre, has had many symptoms of PCOS since her teens but doesn’t know the cause until the day she sees her gynecologist. “My period was very late, so I went for a consultation and there the doctor told me that my ovaries are full of follicles and that I most likely have PCOS…” But the specialist remains mysterious and leaves the young woman in shock and without an answer.

An experience for many women who often find themselves discovering themselves on the Internet and struggle to find a doctor with an attentive ear. The Lack of knowledge and interest in the medical world of this disease affects patient care, Diagnosis takes an average of ten years.

To confirm the diagnosis, It is necessary to make a file blood test And, to make Abdominal and pelvic echocardiography.

It is not available at the moment There is no curative treatment For the treatment of PCOS but only the symptomatic treatments of acne and hypergonadism and the treatment of infertility. However, the way of life can directly affect the development of the syndrome or not.

Excess weight will increase the hormones that cause excess weight. To break this chain, we are obligated to work directly on the weight.

Dr Trimech is a gynecologist in Le Havre

For Dr. Trimech, even minimal weight loss can have a beneficial effect. But he fears that the number of women with the syndrome will increase The deterioration of our eating habits and the increase in obesity among the world’s population. It calls for increased awareness,The sooner we educate a girl or young woman to lead a healthy lifestyle, the sooner we will avoid all complications.

Both patients and professionals are unanimous when it comes to the need to make this pathology more visible and thus advance research, which is progressing little, especially in France.

Esp’opk strives to break taboos and provides a forum for women who desire, thus creating a community to break the isolation that this pathology can cause.

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