Coloring technique to go from blonde to white with precision

Instead of covering her white hair, this coloring method suggests using gray locks as a shimmering shade of hair.

What if white hair turns into a hair asset? This is what British hairstylist Tom Smith suggests, who wants to update the hair color.herringboneThis hair color recently spotted on Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, or even Sarah Jessica Parker will allow blondes to tame their gray tresses with style, rather than camouflaging them.

In a video posted on his TikTok account, Tom Smith explains: “In fact, our hair does not turn gray, only certain strands lose their pigment. Which means that some of them still have your original hair color, while others grow back. Others without dye at all.” The specialist suggests exploiting this combination of shapes thanks to the ‘zigzag’ coloring technique (which means ‘fishbone pattern’ in English). concept? Turn those silver strands into natural highlights and lighting.

A hidden play of lights

According to Tom Smith, this method, which has been around for decades, was inspired by the herringbone parquet or herringbone pattern and the multi-colored look of the wood. The dye’s metal plates are placed diagonally toward the back of the head, like a fabric. “Instead of superimposing light switches on top of each other, one is placed on top of the other,” the expert describes. According to him, this is what guarantees a softer and more natural combination of colors.

Tom Smith assures that this look is suitable for natural blondes as well as colored blondes. “It can also work on darker hair types. Consider a finer scattering of highlights to maintain depth while making it look like keeping your gray hair is intentional,” he explains.

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Finally, in addition to reconciling us to our gray hair, this style has another big advantage, according to the hairstylist: It requires less maintenance and fewer salon appointments, since the coloring is only partial and blends discreetly with the re-growing gray roots.

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