Cannes 2022: Don Juan by Serge Bozon, our review

Written by Manon C. Posted on May 31, 2022 at 6:53 pm

Serge Bozon’s new film, Don Juan, premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Discover our review!

after, after Almond trees By Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, it is now a second film, part of which has been revealed Premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2022and set his narration to A theatrical scene. in Don Juan by Serge Bozon, theThe tireless seducer No longer in literature (al-Tahir Rahim). left from The A woman (Virginia Evira) on the steps of the town hall, after seeing him lost, once again, in the eyes of another woman, has blues and not more than stay the same. The two lovers, comedians by profession, were just getting ready Adaptation of the legend of Moliere on stage The boundary is thin between man and personality.

Only one object is missing and everything is missing annoyed. Behold, pure and merciful. magnetic and all in detention in this role great loser give him special impulsesHe never stops seeing his sweetheart in all the women he meets, be it red, blonde or brown, with long hair or short bob. a A clever, poetic, and bizarre idea Which, unfortunately, does not last.

And then, after all, he kicks out the normal and comes back galloping. Relationships come and go, but The movie goes onAnd the on-screen actors seem to be just as bored as we are. This results in a file Aesthetically beautiful moviewas shot in the The seaside in Grandville In Normandy, but slightly disembodied, like actors. to Elegance without real emotionif not displayed, in pianoby Alan Chamfort In the touch the turn For the leader, and a frightening ending scene, he summons all the women in his life, in a uniform shot.

more sober From the director’s previous work, Don Juan Still borrow the usual staging tricks The Duo Boson / Axel Robert – Screenwriter Mate: Characters sing their mood and go live choreography Christian Rizzo signed. Tandem regulars won’t get confused by this Progressive proofing and baroque singing One of the greatest legends of theatre.

Released May 23, 2022

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