After her mother is sent to a nursing home, a woman finds her old torso with “Never sell it” written on it.

After her mother is excluded from her life and permanently placed in a nursing home, a woman finds an old chest that her mother kept for her. The contents of this box contained things that taught him a valuable life lesson.

Laura was too busy being a successful businesswoman and didn’t have time to take care of her family. So she entrusted the care of her elderly mother to a nursing home and continued to care for her young daughter Anna as a single mother.

Laura started a cosmetic business from scratch. She formulates products, conceptualizes the brand, and manages sales and distribution for her growing business. Unfortunately, this meant that she had less time to spend with her daughter.

Anna constantly wanted her mother’s attention. After school, she goes directly to piano lessons, where her mother takes her before dinner. This means that they hardly see each other outside of dinner parties at home.

The little girl wanted to spend time with her mother as her classmates do with their mother. She invited her mother to go to the amusement park and played hide and seek with her at home. But Laura did not have time for this and asked Anna to learn how to be independent.

Anna was looking forward to June, not only because it was summer, but also because it was when her grandmother Susan came to visit. Laura would bring her home from the nursing home so she could spend time with her family.

Over time, Laura put her mother in a nursing home, because she considered her a burden. She already has a baby to take care of and doesn’t want her mom to make her nervous.

Since then, Susan has been coming only once a year, during the summer. She spent all her time with her granddaughter while Laura took care of her business.

Susan made sure to spend all her time with Anna whenever she visited from the nursing home. | Source: Pexel

However, one evening, Laura noticed that Susan and Anna had come home very late. “Where have you two been? It’s too late for Anna to go out,” I demanded an explanation from Susan.

Susan smiled. “We had so much fun at the theme park that we didn’t even notice! Then we went for ice cream before going home,” she said.

“It was so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to the amusement park, and I’m finally going thanks to Grandma!” Anna said as she jumped for joy over and over again.

“Kids shouldn’t eat ice cream before dinner! Look how hyperactive, all dirty!” Laura said, annoyed.

Susan and Anna went to buy ice cream before returning from the amusement park, which angered Laura. | Source: Pexel

The next day, Laura came home to find Susan reading a book of poetry for Anna. “Stop reading that to him,” Laura said. “She’s supposed to do math, not read poems that won’t help her.”

Susan was heartbroken that her daughter seemed to disagree with everything she had done to her granddaughter. To make matters worse, Laura scolded him a few days later for giving Anna a twenty-dollar bill.

“Why give her money? Don’t give money to a kid! You’ll spoil her!” Laura was angry.

“I’m sorry, honey,” said Susan. “Anna was talking about a toy she had dreamed of buying. I wanted her to be able to have it,” even though she knew she didn’t have to. Sorry. This was the first time she had given money to her granddaughter.

Susan gave Anna money to buy the game she wanted. | Source: Pexel

That’s it! I’m done! You bring nothing but trouble. That’s why I can’t let you live with us long.’ The next day, she brought her mother back to the nursing home and refused to visit her again.

Laura thought that she had finally broken off from her mother, she wanted to get rid of the things she had left behind. She opened her mother’s drawers in the guest bedroom to unpack them, but found a small chest inside.

“Do not sell,” read a note on the outside of the box. Laura opened it and saw a small, airtight plastic box containing soft baby hair. A note was attached that read: “Laura’s first haircut – August 4, 1986.” Laura was only one year old at the time.

Laura decided to empty her mother’s room, thinking that they would never see each other again. | Source: Pexel

The whole time, her mom kept Laura’s hair in the box to keep forever. At the bottom of the box she saw a few letters, but only one remained sealed. She picked up the sealed letter and began to read.

Dear Laura

Read a character.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you my full attention when you were little. I was busy building a career, which I thought was for your good. However, I neglected my responsibilities as a mother, and I lost the happiness of seeing you grow up.


I was a bad mother to you. I never played with you, never read for you. I definitely didn’t hug you enough, and now you’re all grown up, I can’t go back in time. I wish I was a better mom to you when you were little. I wish I still had enough time to spend with you to catch up. I love you with all my heart, Mom.

Laura was crying when she finished the speech. She realized that she was a bad girl to her mother and a bad mother to her daughter. She devoted all her time to her work and forgot what really matters in life.

Susan wanted to be there for her granddaughter when she was growing up. | Source: Pexel

On the same day, she pulled her mother out of the nursing home and brought her home. Laura asked her mother for forgiveness, hoping that they could start their family life again.

“Why didn’t you give me this letter before, mom?” Laura asked him, and they both went home that day. Susan admitted that she wanted to give it to him last summer, but she was too scared. After all, Laura was busy with her work and did not want to bother her.

“I know I have a lot of flaws, Laura. I tried to make up for them by giving everything I could to Anna, because I knew it would be hard to make up for me straight from you. I love you both so much,” Susan told her daughter.

At different times, Laura and Susan have realized that their family is most valued. They swore to each other to put family first and began to spend more time together.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Family is more important than anything else. Understandably, Laura prioritized her work, especially because she worked so hard to make it a success. However, in the process, she has lost what is important, which is her family. Eventually, she realized that she valued her family more than anything else and made sure to put it before her career and her money.
  • Our children are young only once. We sometimes think that raising young children can be a burden, especially with the extra responsibilities we have to deal with. But we realized in hindsight that they were only young once and that we wouldn’t always have the privilege of having them around us as they grew and became themselves.

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