A person on the NYC subway grabs a woman’s hair and shouts obscenities

Disturbing footage recently shared on social media shows a person threatening subway passengers kicking a car window and pulling a woman’s hair as she tries to escape while other belts avoid an explosion.

Approximately A two-minute video posted on Twitter on Wednesday By Joel Fisher A seemingly ill person is shown shouting obscenities, before sitting up and holding the J Train contestant’s hair as she tries to get away.

“Someone help me,” said the trapped and stricken woman softly. Meanwhile, other passengers were watching the pair, turning away or ignoring the pair without coming to their aid.

After about 30 seconds, the emotionally agitated man shouted, “Get up! The unlucky woman targeted by the rash gets up. Then the frightening screecher—who was wearing an ill-fitting white shirt, black pants, and gray sneakers—was pushed away before sprinting in the opposite direction.”

“close your mouth !” Then the unbridled knight shouted while driving the chariot.

“That’s what I’m dealing with,” the man who recorded the incident told the camera.

“New York City, Devils, do you understand?” he added before making a vague comment on the situation.

The video then showed the uneasy person continuing to scream, standing on the seat of a subway carriage while repeatedly kicking the window as the train approached the Delancey Street/Essex Street station.

The unidentified person was not reported to the police.
Twitter / @realJoelFischer

The accident record is unknown, the stabilization belt.
Twitter / @realJoelFischer

It is unclear when the viral video was captured and who recorded the footage. A tweet that posted the video received more than 14,000 retweets and 24,000 likes on Sunday morning.

A representative of the New York Police Department told the newspaper on Sunday that the department was not aware of the incident.

“There are no reports on file related to the video,” a police spokesman said.

Commenters of the disturbing video lamented that the tapes did not help the woman who appeared to be indiscriminately targeted by the mentally ill subway rider.

“I hope if you were here you would [have] do something”, chirp Kenneth Adams. “I’ve lived in New York my whole life, what’s going on, real talk?!? New York City!!! We have to be better!!!

“You mean that many of your comrades weren’t able to get together to help this lady????” Another Twitter user replied.

“Nobody helped?” But this person depicted has just prayed to God? How will you work, Another hanging anger. “Why is no one interfering?[?]”

Additional reporting by Tina Moore

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