Which one would you choose to brighten up your dark skin this summer?

What if you add shine and warmth to your dark hair this summer? For this, only one fashionable coloring technique is needed: sweeping! The perfect way to inject a healthy dose of sunshine into your skin, it works for blondes and brunettes alike. To prove it to you, here are the cutest all-around black hair inspirations to embrace without hesitation this season!

Balayage or highlights to revitalize black hair?

Do you want to highlight your black hair? However, your heart swings between Balayage and highlights? But what is the difference between the two and what is the technique to follow to revitalize your darker lengths? Said and repeated, the scan is a partial coloration intended to color only certain areas of the man. The resulting reflections should blend naturally with the hair mass to enhance length and cut. On the contrary, locks are more noticeable and clear than balayages. In short, the two coloring techniques consist of illuminating the hair. However, avoid shading on black and brown hair, as the result may lack elegance.

5 scans to adopt on black or brown hair summer 2022

A comprehensive idea of ​​natural black hair summer 2022

This coloring technique is the perfect solution for brunettes who are looking for a subtle and natural hair change as summer approaches. There is no need for total color or regular appointments at the hairdresser to sport a dream mane. So you decide! Dare! But then, what is the overall color to choose to sublimate brown hair to black? Step out of the arctic blonde sweep and make way for custom shades!

Brown Hair Color Balayage Short Square Summer 2022 Dark Afro Curly Hair Honey Caramel

Always choose shades one to three shades lighter than your natural base. Avoid very light colors, which will only lead to an ugly “barcode” effect. Alternatively, dark brown or chocolate brown is preferred to give shine and light to your black hair. In addition, use intense colors that are rich in pigment so that the end result is completely visible on your dark hair. To inspire brunettes in need of a makeover, here are 5 gowns to wear in 2022!

Copper Balayage on Black Hair

Hair color sweeping brown curly black auburn copper

One of the benefits of copper balayage is that it matches every natural hair color. Yes, blondes, brunettes or redheads, everyone can customize this hot color. As its name suggests, it is ideal for finding dark hair in fall leaf colors in shades of maroon and copper. Its shimmering auburn highlights will bring out all the shine of your brown or black hair. On the production side, don’t try anything at home. It is essential to make an appointment with your hairstylist.

Honey or balayage blonde caramel

Black Hair Balayage Caramel Before After

Gourmet shades aren’t just for blondes! Conversely, everyone can afford a caramel or honey blonde conditioner to add depth and warmth to your black hair. A subtle and natural result guaranteed. The only condition? Choose an oil color to protect the hair and keep it shiny enough.

Mahogany or brown sweep

Black mahogany brown curly hair sweep before color after

Do you have dark hair and warm skin? So the brown or mahogany sweep with purple highlights is made for you! Perfect for summer, it adds depth to your dark complexion without completely changing your natural color. So, are you cracked?

Chocolate Balayage

Women's hair color trend Summer 2022 Wipe chocolate on black hair

Rich and intense chocolate balayage is probably the best way to enhance brown to black hair. Trendy and perfect for all seasons, it’s rich in pigments and creates a nice contrast against your naturally dark complexion! only problem? It is not suitable for short women’s haircuts on which it is difficult to achieve a fading and gradual effect.

Brond Balyag

Coloring blonde balayage blonde on black hair before after smooth square

Searching by sweeper beach hair ? We’ve got what you need to give dark hair a boost. Halfway between brown and blonde, blonde hair sweep is the ideal choice for a color change without venturing into unknown areas. It also allows you to smooth transition to brown or dark blond. Blond hair is based on straight, wavy, afro or curly hair, and visually gives more volume and texture than blond hair. Brightens dull man and sublimates matte complexion.

Hair color trends summer 2022 sweeping short black hair maintenance highlights honey caramel

Whether done on light or dark hair, vacuuming does not require much effort in terms of maintenance, unlike full coloring. However, it is best to make an appointment with the hairdresser every 3-4 months to enhance its shine. As for the caramel and honey highlights on black hair, touch-ups must be done frequently so that the borders are not too visible. Finally, whatever you choose: Treat your hair to the right products like purple shampoo (in the case of blond over balayage brown), homemade hydrating masks and hair oils to keep your color vibrant and the health of your hair.

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