When Deleuze praised the “remarkable lightness” of freckles


Why this new obsession with these little ocher, brown or orange spots? philosopher Gilles Deleuze I succumbed to the magic of these freckles (the scientific name for freckles). In a text written less than 20 years ago, Description of the woman. For a gendered philosophy of others (1944), Deleuze’s surprising contemporary ideas emerge. In the same text, he highlights the essence of the beauty of these spots and sets a very special makeup, this holes.

Curse or origins?

Between fascination and dissonance, freckles weren’t always unanimous. For centuries, it has been synonymous with curse. At a time when leprosy was ravaging him he was afraid of skin diseases. In the Middle Ages, freckles were equated with the sign of the devil, betraying magic and fanning the flames.

These ocher spots appear at birth only under the influence of the sun. This property certainly aggravated their condition: due to the loss of purity, aphids indicate an agreement with evil. Not so long ago, freckles were still denounced, which led to the development of many, more or less radical techniques, to try to get rid of them – from cream to laser. But what happened to today’s reading: “How do freckles stand out?” “,” 8 Techniques for making freckles “,” Get a tattoo of freckles “.

freckles against. moles

Gilles Deleuze The answer may be. in Description of the woman. For a gendered philosophy of othersHe emphasizes the beauty of Aphelides with a quote from the French poet Jules Romain:

Don’t think of them as a flaw. Match the color of her skin. His complexion seemed to be rare. It also happens to precious timber. Since more than once, without realizing it, I have had to look for these spots on beautiful faces and be a little disappointed in their absence. »

For Deleuze, the presence of these tiny pigmented spots adorns the face. Their presence suggests a lack of resourcefulness. Unmatched purity. Unlike moles, they are secretive.

“We must be wary of a mole, which has thickness, and is recognizable, is not noumenal [ayant rapport aux choses en soi, échappant au monde sensible]. And then the mole is on its own, it does not go into a group, it is noticeably black. In short, it prepares and evokes an ironic reflection; Instead of the face, the entire face is organized around a black bead. A disastrous effect, freckles, due to their versatility, wonderful lightness and perfection, are unable to create. »

Through their versatility and cunning, aphilid Refreshes the skin like foreplay.

“Freckles conjure a mysterious and perfect impetus, an elastic trajectory from what slingshot?”
Gilles Deleuze

Spot unpredictability

The word “stain” is usually associated with pollution and pollution. Report an accident, loss of control and leave a trail of proof. Freckles, by name and appearance, indicate unpredictability: “Freckles conjure a mysterious and perfect impetus, an elastic trajectory from what slingshot?” asks Deleuze. Like a clean canvas, the face welcomes these spots.

By focusing on that part of the body that is the face, they are thus accessing valuable facial features which ultimately avoid facial regulation. Freckles that roll on the horizon and hair that the wind blows. »

Therefore, it is impossible to predict its shape or location before its appearance.

Moreover, some make-up techniques, trying to reproduce these freckles, reflect unpredictability: Dip a toothbrush in a dark brown pigment and spray it on the cheekbones, you can recreate a fake freckle. This method makes it possible to generate random clouds “to obtain the most natural results possible”. Thus indifference becomes a sign of nature and fun. Evils are by nature juvenile.

“We see freckles and can’t touch them, the outlines are just visual and the freckles themselves are elusive”
Gilles Deleuze

dodge tag

They appear in the summer and disappear in the winter. Evils are often ephemeral: only sunlight dictates their arrival. Their flat surface makes them more volatile, they are imperceptible.

You pass your hand in vain, it does not pick it up, it does not stand out, it blooms on the surface, it spreads without thickening, an annoying charm: you see freckles and you can not touch them, the features are simply visible and the spots themselves are out of reach: it is impossible to take them between two fingers, to circle them with a finger, to make them stand out. »

It is impossible to distinguish them by touch. The lack of size disturbs our desire for possession. Deleuze qualifies as “noumenon”, A philosophical term referring to all thoughts that emerge from the sensible world, this elusive entity “to Within reach and out of reach Like the reflection of a narcissus, the ephelide is A careless and ruthless presence, what can be seen and cannot be touched “.

a tangible and immaterial identity

Deleuze distinguishes two types of make-up: The composition of surfaces which consists in making the surface perfectly smooth, “unimportant” in the etymological sense, not expressive, in preserving it from any position, from any external sign (wrinkles, scars, etc.)” Which highlights the permeability of the skin what he calls “Aperture Make-up” : The black that surrounds the eye drowns in the sight, and makes it internal to itself » where « les lèvres rougies sont le débouché d’une intériorité épaisse, et ce rouge, on dirait qu’il se prolonge à l’intérieur, rouge comme il est, rouge toujours plus loin, sousil la teau surface, qu’s Pink. »

Like lipstick or mascara, Freckle pens or freckles thought Highlight the porosity of the skin. “Sometimes the outside gets absorbed” And the ” Sometimes the outside from the inside Deleuze commented. The ephelides personifies this in the middle. Neither under the skin nor on the skin, it settles in the epidermis. “It is this material and immaterial identity that makes the essence of a woman”, Deleuze suggests.

But the unprecedented contemporaneity of Deleuze’s text reaches its limits, with a view we might today judge as hypersexual, even misogynistic:While the other male is defined above all by outward appearance, the woman is a formidable, warm and inspiring inner being. The philosopher writes again… who would go so far as to say that “Make-up is the formation of this interior”, And who will deny after that this young text.

Whatever the case, the big comeback of these freckles, drawn or tattooed, comes under ” Secret “. Ephemeral or permanent, it’s now a matter of making “natural looking false freckles.” Whether you are a woman or a man.

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