The perfect coloring trick for your white hair

Gray hair is not for everyone. Although it is very trendy and totally possible to be stylish with gray hair, some people still have a hard time seeing it grow on their heads. If you no longer want to hide it with coloring but don’t know how to make the transition, how about mixing it with your hair color?

Herringbone Highlights Technology

It was Tom Smith, colorist and creative director of Evo Hair by Glamor UK, who found the solution to taking care of white hair and no longer having to hide it behind layers of dye. The secret is to see white as your new coloring and incorporate it into your hair color. Technique Fish bone sticks outor fishbone sweep in French, consists of mixing several shades of colors with White hairFor a radiant and glossy effect.

To achieve that curly sweep, Tom Smith explains that you have to ask your stylist for a mix of warm and cool shades, evenly incorporating white hair. But as the photographer notes: “Grey hair tends to arrive in a scattered fashion.” It is therefore essential that your stylist is not familiar with their method of setting tones, for a more than natural result.

What we can say is that Herringbone Highlights are already famous among the stars. We’ve seen this technique in particular Sarah Jessica ParkerGwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

How to turn white hair?

If you feel ready to take charge of your white hair, but don’t want to go through the stages of roots and demarcation, there is clearly a way. It is possible to cut your hair very short, to leave room only for your white roots, but some will want to keep the lengths. So like Scott Brothers star Hilarie Burton, you can choose salt and pepper tones in your natural color.

This coloring can help you in a smooth transition to white or gray hair. Of course, everyone has a completely different type of hair. So it is best to ask your hairdresser for advice on the appropriate coloring. no Gray hair And the eggs do not need to be covered, everyone does as he sees fit, and above all as he prefers.

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