Spain concerned by the rise in male violence between minors –

While Spain is a leader in combating sexual violence, the state is concerned about the increase in such acts among minors. This phenomenon worries associations and public bodies.

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However, this opinion is incomplete. Indeed, Spain is concerned about gender-based violence between minors. According to the latest official statistics, the violence that is increasing the most is the one that affects girls under the age of 18. At the same time, the denunciations that increase are what worries young people the most.

‘predatory control’

At a foundation to help children and teens, dozens of psychologists respond by phone and chat to young people’s concerns and problems.

Since 2009, this institution detects calls related to sexual violence. The truth is chilling: Little girls call as soon as they turn 12, Diana Diaz, head of that hotline, said Tuesday at Tout un monde.

We’re not just talking about emotional abuse. Half of the calls are related to beatings and hair plucking. We are talking about serious cases

Diana Diaz, Psychologist

“Their friends exercise excessive control, voracious control. They isolate teenage girls, tell them to cut ties with their families, friends, and send a picture of them every time they go out to see where they are and who we are. We don’t just talk about psychological violence.. Half the calls are about beatings and plucking. Poetry.. we are talking about serious cases.”

unequal relationships

Perception of sexual violence by young people remains just as difficult. Serra García Dominguez, a judge on the Special Tribunal for Sexual Violence in Al-Basit, is concerned to see the younger victims.

“These young girls normalize abusive behavior, they are unaware of the crime. What they perceive as love is not love. They are sometimes called toxic relationships, but they are not toxic.: they are unequal to the subordination of a woman to a man “explains the specialist.

“The impression of losing privileges”

One in five young men doubt the existence of gender violence, according to the latest scale from the Reina Sofia Center. A number that has been on the rise since 2017 which surprised researcher Strybor Couric.

“On the other hand, the social and public consensus that existed in Spain against violence against women has collapsed. Especially with the rise of far-right parties like Vox and the normalization of this kind of discourse in some media, according to gender. Violence does not exist. Then, as the movements progress Feminism, some men have the impression of losing privileges. There are sometimes anti-feminist or anti-feminist responses, ”the researcher notes.

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