She hasn’t washed her hair for 6 years, here’s the result

Washing hair is always a very complicated topic. How often do you wash them? What exactly are the products? Finally, brushing your hair isn’t as simple as it seems. So, to stop worrying, why not just stop washing it ? In any case, it was the drastic decision that 27-year-old American Laura Ashley dared to make.

On TikTok, everyone can take the floor to tell their story. Laura Ashley shared one of her strongest experiences this past February. In a video posted on her account at the beginning of the year, those under the pseudonym “veggieshredder” admitted: When not eating or using meat, dairy, or cheese hair conditioner Or heat it on your hair for 6 years.” A few words hit back hard on the TikTok community.

Stop washing your hair: a divisive experience

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So in the comments, there were those who were curious (“But then, what do you wash your hair with?”)those who could not help but criticize (“This is why your hair looks dry and greasy”; “I can’t even imagine the smell”), then those who were good (“Your hair is really beautiful”). However, Laura Ashley is still convinced that she made the best decision to stop shampooing her hair.

“I’ve never been told I smell bad. Honestly, I get a lot of compliments on my hair” I told Metro. In fact, the young lady is often stopped on the street for the beauty of her lengths. But how does she maintain her hair then?

The reason for leaving the shampoo

Then, she revealed it hair routine Which turned out to be very simple. At the beginning of her “no shampoo” experiment, Laura Ashley was preparing a cleanser 100% natural For her hair using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. She couldn’t stand seeing the long ingredient lists on the back of her cosmetics. “I stopped using supermarket shampoo because there are so many ingredients added to its formula. The thing is, if I can’t pronounce an active word or I don’t know what it is, I will try to stay away from it” I told Metro. “It’s impossible for our ancestors to live long without it, and suddenly we needed a synthetic 50-ingredient shampoo to clean our hair.”

The Result Having already gone 6 years without washing her hair with supermarket shampoo, Laura Ashley believes she now has more beautiful, healthy lengths. She also defines her hair grow faster than before. find it Curly hair In the sublime mornings, this is invaluable! “That’s cool! I get up, take a shower and love my hair!” concluded.

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