Les Apprentis Aventuriers: Why did Jessica Thevenin want to get involved?

In her Instagram story, Jessica Thivenin admitted that she didn’t want to be involved with Apprentis Aventuriers at first!

W9 has been streaming new episodes of Les Apprentis Aventuriers for several weeks now. For this adventure, fans found Jessica Thevenin and her husband, Tybalt Garcia.

‘I was having panic attacks’

While Jessica Thevenin and Tibo Garcia participated, they still participated in Showcase Adventures. The least we can say is that they never fail to get people talking about it.

And for good reason, the red team was already Big fights with Virginie and Nicolo. Thibault Garcia also wanted to come to terms with his opponent in the Apprentices Aventuriers. Things are not going well between them.

Soon, he/a had another storyline with the other adventurers. Exhausted, bored, or even hungry, clashes continue on the island.

On Monday, May 30, she also gave information about her adventure. On her Instagram story, the person she captured: “It was very difficult, the first week is very complicated. (…) “.

Jessica Thevenin also added to Aventurers Interns: “You feel dirty, you don’t have a toothbrush, hairbrush, or shower gel”. Besides, the beauty admitted that she hesitated for a long time before participating due to many negative points.

revealed: “I am proud that I took this adventure! Even though at first I didn’t want to. I I was suffering from anxiety attacks ! ». Because of all her bouts of stress and anxiety, she almost canceled her visit.

Jessica Thevenin is very worried in front of beginner Aventurers

Then Jessica Thevenin (Apprentis Aventuriers) explained to her fans on Story from her Instagram account: “No, but before leaving, a month ago, I told my producer, ‘No, but in the end, I can’t, I suffer from anxiety attacks'”.

Novice candidate Aventuriers also added: ” I nightmares Moreover. I didn’t sleep at night. I really imagined, horror… well, it’s horror, huh, it’s no picnic (…)”.

Finally, Thibault Garcia’s wife does not at all regret her participation in the show. admitted: ” But I’m proud to do it! We’ve gone beyond our limits and given it our all.”.

Later, the Aventurers’ Apprentice candidate explained that she had kept a small memory of the game, a small bowl she ate in for the duration of the adventure.

Then the mother confessed: “I kept my little pot. I am so proud! I will show them to my son and daughter later. My mom ate there”. One thing is for sure, and she doesn’t regret her arrival.

Now, fans of the Rouges are wondering if they’ll go too far on Apprentis Aventuriers. Because of their many clashes, they caused many adventurers to become alienated. Bad thing for strategy.

It remains to be seen if they will be able to reflect. case to follow!

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