‘I’ve always been with older women’

Alex Vyzorek loves women who are older than him. (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

On Monday, May 30, 2022, Alex Vizorek takes charge of presenting “The 33rd Night of Molière”. The host is very popular with the public, especially in his fifties. And he brings it back well, because he has never hidden his attraction to a mature woman.

Is Alex Vyzorek in a relationship? hard to say. The Belgian comedian, comedian, and audiovisual illustrator has never been one to trust in his private life. So much so that many people wonder if he will never be in a relationship with his colleague Charlene Vanhoenker, with whom he often worked on the radio. But if he leaves doubts about his love status, he doesn’t hide the kind of people who attract him: mature women.

Love for old women

In his program “Ad Vitam”, on stage, Alex Vizorek has already announced his passion for women of a certain age, and about his conquests, the average age of which will be “55 years”. “It’s exaggerated,” he smiled during an interview with sudinfo.be: “But I don’t really like age limits. In fact, I’ve always tended to be with women who are older than me. And I thought it was. It’s funny to say That, for a man to say it’s not common.”

In 2019, the words of Jan Moix, who claimed he was “unable to love a 50-year-old woman”, sparked controversy, the comedian had published a column in France Inter declaring his love for her. “I prefer 50-year-old women. I love their bodies. In YouPorn, I wrote ‘mature’ more than ‘teenager.’ (…) I love gray hair, as long as the smile they ‘draw’ is bright and young! And yes, too, I absolutely love the idea that they’ve known other men before me. Despite the comparison, they want to leave with me.”

He remembers this feisty Belgian columnist well: “It earned me the full support of all the forties and fifties of Paris, the day after the words of Jan Moix who said that the body of a 50-year-old woman is ugly. He may find her ugly, but he cannot say that she is quite ugly.” I do not think so “.

Alex Vyzorek, in a relationship with an elderly woman?

This love is not new since 2017, in the columns of Closer, Alex Vizorek already mentioned his passion for mature women. In one of his columns, he told Emmanuel Macron to “please the elderly.” The words he still says today: “It’s not wrong! I myself, it’s something I find attractive! In fact, I really like being with women smarter than me!”

As for the question “Is this the case now?” He preferred to take shade. “I’m not going to help you! Although I understand people might be interested.” Her secret garden will remain secret no matter what.

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