Hair care at home: the basics / DIY solid dry shampoo and conditioner


Natural Hair Routine Workshop (1 hour and a half) with Okhra’s veggie coloring expert and Lucy Lee Nanas Zero Dichette???? ???? :

  • An explanation of the basics of making their own hair care products
  • Explanation of the rules of cosmetic hygiene
  • How do you know your hair type, porosity?
  • How to adapt products, treatments, oils and powders to your hair type
  • What are the simple products from the cupboards to make your own home cosmetics
  • How to get more natural hair????
  • Presentation of recipes and concerns for each ingredient, advice for use, environmental benefits and benefits for the skin.
  • Step-by-step creation of a solid shampoo suitable for your hair type – personalizing the recipe
  • Create hair conditioner step by step
  • Step-by-step verification of a dry shampoo suitable for your hair type
  • Share all my tips for switching to natural hair???? ???????????? ????

Thursday 9 June – 7 pm – 12 rue Jean Jaures in Nantes

I had the opportunity to take part in a shampoo making workshop, led by Lucy from Nanas Zero Dichi. A very beautiful moment as well as a solid shampoo meant for my hair! It removes grease, lathers enough, smells so good thanks to the blend of essential oils and leaves my hair super soft! » Karen Guillotine

at the key???? : You will leave with your products 100% tailored to your hair type. Recipes will also be shared with you.

???? The necessary components and utensils are provided for the workshop.

???? You can return your jars if you wish to return your products.

In a 7-year zero waste approach, Lucy will share with you Enthusiasm and dynamism for him Tips and Guides for Finding Your Natural, Waste-Free Hair Routine!

???? Lucy is the founder of the online store Through her activism, she wishes to accompany you in your approach to democratizing the natural and zero lifestyle.

???? Laetitia is passionate about nature and poetry and has recently opened its space (12 rue Jean Jaures in Nantes) where it welcomes you to botanical colors and hairstyles. Gender neutrality rate

We look forward to seeing you there!

The workshop will be kept for a minimum of 4 participants. We will notify you as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.

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