Carcassonne. Sentenced to 7 months in prison for spousal violence and rebellion

On Monday, May 30, a 24-year-old man was immediately tried in court. He was found guilty, and imprisoned.

What was Irwin blamed, 24-year-old Carcassonne prosecuted for immediate habeas corpus? There are no specific factsOlivier Trills, the defendant’s attorney, argued me. We don’t know what to really blame him for. I also ask you to discover the nullity.” An application which, in the event of a fine, will be rejected by the court. Erwin had to be held accountable for violence without husband impotence, rebellion and insult to people in public power. Facts dated March 8, 2021 in Carcassonne. We’re at Leclerc Cité 2 in the middle of the afternoon, where Irwin and Melissa, his partner, are arguing about something insignificant we no longer know the nature of, and admit that they push each other. Things deteriorate when the defendant refuses to return his cell phone to Melissa. I called the security guards who informed the police. The two peacekeepers will be civilian parties and will each claim €1,000 in compensation. Because Irwin resisted them so hard, insulted, tried to strike, removed the mask (which was mandatory in the midst of a health crisis), and threatened to spit at the police. “I left because I did not understand the reason for my arrest”, He says. In the bar, Melissa, crying, admitted that there were regular violent quarrels between them. “They don’t know how to talk to each other quietly, it’s the way they communicate”sums up the Me Trilles who will ask everyone if they are ready To end this toxic relationship.. Yes, the answer is from both.

“Catch me by my hair”

A relationship deteriorates again, no later than Friday, May 26, at their new residence in Verzeille, in the presence of their 7-month-old daughter. The screams and cries of a lively child trying to defuse the situation defy and whose multiple testimonies and testimonies will be submitted for bail by a defense attorney. The facts are contradictory in the mouth of one and then the other. Irwin claims he was aware of the overburden, which he had that day but denies having hit the slightest hit. However, Melissa was found to have a hematoma on her lip. As well as a torn tuft of hair. “He grabbed me by the hair as I tried to get out of the bedroom.” Part of the hair won’t resist it…

In light of all these facts, Melissa did not ask for anything against Irwin, unlike the prosecutor, who did not see him from the beginning. “It remained difficult to understand what Erwin was accused of.” whose record already includes 7 references to crimes against the drug law. Indictment: 15 months in prison, of which 6 with a two-year suspension of probation, with a ban on contact with the victim. After deliberations, the jury found the defendant guilty of contempt (March 8, 2021) and domestic violence (May 26, 2022), and sentenced him to 12 months in prison, 5 of which were accompanied by a two-year probation. With the prohibition of contacting Melissa, the obligation to compensate the police and the obligation to care.

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