Lily-Rose Depp Reveals Her Breasts In A Lace Camisole From The 2000s… It’s Sexy And Gorgeous For Her Birthday

Lily-Rose Depp celebrated her 23rd birthday on May 27. On this occasion, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp shares unpublished photos on her Instagram account. A bouquet of pink flowers followed by two pictures of her. Lily-Rose Depp was installed in a room flooded with natural light, lit only by sunlight. She wears a pink shirt whose neckline is enhanced by a lace yoke. The top, made of a fabric of the same color as the flower bouquet, hugs her shape. The young woman also wears a sweet pink scarf with the message written on it “Happy birthday princess (Happy birthday princess). Lily-Rose Depp sparkles. Her face has just been enhanced with soft pink makeup while her golden hair is revealed with subtle curls.

Her community salutes her beauty and sends her best wishes: very beautiful “,” I love you my princess “,” Fantastic, mastery “,” My favorite day of the year when Lily posts her birthday pictures “,” What a beautiful angel “.

Still others wonder: Anyone know the top brand? “,” I’d like to know that too “,” Oh my God, where is this top? Faithful to her vintage signature, Lily-Rose Depp brings back an iconic piece from the 2000s: the satin and lace camisole worn by all Lolitas at the time.

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fashion addict

Lily-Rose Depp takes inspiration from past fashions to shape her look. She is especially a big fan of her mom’s style, Vanessa Paradis. In an interview with the American version of she In December 2018, the young woman confides in Vanessa Paradis: “ She is my idol in everything. Of course, I find her very beautiful and am inspired by all of her past and current looks. Her beauty routine, her makeup and her obsession with makeup . Define I love finding inspiration in her past looks or the things she wore when she was my age In 2016, she gave an interview with it’s France She begins with the special relationship she has with the house on rue Cambon: ” For me, Chanel is special, I know a lot of people who have worked here since I was very young. I met Carl when I was 8 years old. I started working with them when I was 15, and I feel like family. As a child, “haute couture” for me was Chanel, and I never wanted to go anywhere else. I even have a picture of me wearing diapers with pumps from my mom’s Chanel! layer! Like, I put… »

Lily-Rose Depp wears a pink blouse on her birthday © Instagram

Lily-Rose Depp shares photos on her 23rd birthday © Instagram

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