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Styling for short hair that grows everywhere is no small feat. Here are some examples of rescue hairstyles to tame them!

There’s nothing quite like deciding to grow your hair shorter until you have some patience.

When we go into the short haircut, there’s a detail we don’t always think about: It’s called regrowth!

Short Hair Styling: Ideas for Managing Regrowth

As Mymy explains in an article, letting your hair grow can be hair hell.

The hair grows back to different lengths and we get scared until we end up with a mullet cut…

We might be tempted to think that getting rid of long hair saves time, and that there is little maintenance.

though, Short hair also requires a lot of attention (sometimes more than long hair if you like structured cuts), and when you grow back it’s even worse!

Here are some Hairstyle ideas for short hair that grows back!

8 simple hairstyles for short hair that grows back

In this video, YouTuber Sonia Celer introduces Eight hair solutions for short hair transitions.

Short Hairstyling: Clips to Structure

Hair regrowth hairstyle 1

Small, simple clips or more elaborate clips are the best friends for short hair that goes all over!

Short Hair Style: Play on Volume

Hair regrowth hairstyle 3

A crazy flick of hair on the sides and a hair-comb on top to get others to rock a shell can fool others about her heartbreaking hair regrowth.

Short hair styling: using accessories

Hair regrowth hairstyle 2

Playing with accessories is a good idea if you find yourself limited in your hairstyle options due to your short length. There is a huge selection of headbands and headbands now, and we can disagree!

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Short hair that grows back: 3 ways to style your hair while you wait

3 Easy Pixie Growth Hairstyles (Very Short Hair Tutorials)

Another YouTuber brings her her expertise.

In her tutorial, Lauren somehow tries to pull off her short haircut (the short hairstyle that Pixie Geldof does).

Among other things, Lauren advisesUse dry shampoo before styling for added volume.

If not, here are two solutions you offer to calm the crazy hair that surrounds your face.

Short hair that grows back: tamed by braiding

Hair regrowth hairstyle 4

If you let your bangs grow, making a small braid can protect you from hair sticking to your forehead and tickling your eyes.

Short hair that grows back: free your face with a touch

Hair regrowth hairstyle 5

If you’re a fan of braiding (because yes it’s an art and you don’t necessarily have to master it), this solution is much simpler.

Lauren’s Life also gives you other tips on hairstyle with accessories in her video.

If you’ve been getting your long hair back in the past, I hope these little hairstyles will help you out. I think many of you in this kind of moment are not always easy, wisely speaking!

And you, how do you manage the regrowth of your short haircut?

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