His new haircut is not satisfying

Julia Paredes : The young mother decided to change her appearance and to do so I passed the hairdresser’s box. But the result is not unanimous …

Julia Paredes revealed her new haircut

It’s not new for influencers to be accused of defrauding people with their product placements. It often happens that reality TV contestants receive complaints from their communities after sharing a promotional code. Internet users find themselves without their product on time or disappointed with the quality. But some also attack influencers who launch their projects!

This is the case of Julia Paredes whose project was considered a scam. Happy with her family, she and her lover launched a fitness program “Body Beauty” at a price of 1,000 euros. It is offered at this price All Maxime Parisi and Julia combinations: diet plan, distance training, hairstyle, make-up and clothes. “Except for Internet users, it would be a scam not worth the price.

Netizens are not fans…

If talking about Julia (who was accused of abusing her daughter) this time, it is on a completely different topic. In fact, the young mother could no longer take her square cut. So I decided to go to the hairdresser in the hope of a drastic change! Inevitably, a few hours after her appointment, Julia revealed the result on her Instagram account.

Julia Paredes changes her look: her new haircut does not satisfy her

In a short Instagram video, we can see that she opted for the extras. In legend, filter Moms and celebrities Wrote : “New to me. What do you think?” In the face of this transformation, its subscribers made no secret of their disappointment.

If Julia – who is still cool with Kelly – was expecting glowing comments under this post, she must have been disappointed to find out that netizens weren’t quite as impressed. So we read: “It doesn’t suit her skin at all, this new color, faded” “sorry, but your square was much better,” Hello…. I do not like at all! “,” frankly a big preference for the before “,” personally I preferred before because it was more natural “,” I don’t agree at all!! ».

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