His multicolored haircut is defying the web

Tibo Garcia : This isn’t the first time a young father has surprised the Web by changing his hair color… We tell you everything!

Thibault Garcia challenges subscribers

Young father is a smart businessman. Although he started in dental products a few years ago, Thibault has launched several other projects in parallel. As a fashion lover, Jessica’s darling launched his own clothing brand: Right. Because yes, Thibault loves to take care of himself, he loves to dress, and he loves to feel good. Having her own brand allows her to create the clothes of her dreams.

his adventure in Beginner Adventurers So it should not be obvious to the candidate who is taking care of their appearance. Finding himself on a desert island with his swimming shorts as his only outfit must have been tough for him! Especially since a small accident happened. In fact, in the middle of an argument with Jessica on the beach, Tebow gave a glimpse of his genitals! Enough to make netizens interact en masse…Moreover, the latter once again responded to one of his Instagram posts!

Thibault changes his appearance…again!

Thibault is used to the fact that he changes his hair color like T-shirts! Indeed, his subscribers have seen him with blonde, blue, and green hair… and it seems that he is not at all ready to stop!

A few days ago, the person who encountered Niccolo surprised the Web by posting his new coloring. An unexpected choice since he chose A combination of pink and purple.

Unlike Julia Paredes who was not unanimous about her new cut, Thibaut received a lot of positive comments. Although some are skeptical about this choice. We can read: “It’s crazy how good all the colors look on him”, “Who knows where to find all these ideas. However, it suits them so well”, “I did it!! A very good choice”, “Even when it’s weird, it’s okay”, ” So beautiful with this color “,” The man never stops “,” First Class: It really suits him “,” Best color so far!! “I agree that what I do is correct and re-verify it”, “You will always surprise us a lot!! “. You will understand that her subscribers love her very much!


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