Here’s the trendy color that highlights it

Time is running out and we can’t go against it. From the age of 25, for example, our cells reduce the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the youthfulness of the skin. Then our skin loses its elasticity and color, and may start to show some fine lines. Our hair changes, too. With our age Hair turns white. And if a few years ago this might have been complicated for many women, things are changing today.

More and more celebrities are refusing to go to the “coloring” box to cover their white hair. Gray hair is no longer hiding… to our greatest happiness. Why don’t we wear it with pride Our natural hair ? Anyway, that’s what many stars have dared to do.

The star’s favorite white hair color trend

Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Queen of Spain, Leticia Ortiz, or Nicole Kidman all prove how white hair can be. Elegant and elegant. Celebrities (…) are paving the way for her acceptance first gray hair that harmonize with the natural hair color Tom Smith, colorist with Evo Hair, explained to Glamor UK magazine.

Celebrities who walk the red carpet with white hair are absolutely right. They have fine gray hair. Looking closely, we can see that many of them have worked their lengths to perfectly accentuate their white or gray hair. this is coloring technique bears the name Fish bone sticks out (Understanding “fishbone sweep” in French.)

Herringbone Balayage, What Exactly Is It?

Herringbone balayage is the perfect coloring technique for achieve harmony Between the first gray strands and the rest of the hair. It’s not a matter of camouflaging the white hair, but rather creating it like a fishbone pattern using scanning, so as to make it stand out. “Various shades are woven through the gray locks, resulting in a delicately balanced blend Warm and cool tones. Reveals the beauty of gray hair (…) Creates an example Highlight additional” Tom Smith joint.

If you choose to go to the stylist to perform the fishbone sweep trend, you can specify that it doesn’t require alternating each of the shades, but rather scattering them. irregularly to present super natural. “Grey hair tends to arrive infrequently. Some even gather in wicks” Complete. So instead of hiding your gray hair, accept it and highlight it with this trendy color already embraced by the biggest stars on the planet.

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