But why does a woman’s hair get shorter with age?

It is somewhat similar to a Gaussian curve. On the max, age. In coordinates, the length of the hair. After an age when little girls wear barrettes when they only have three hairs on the rock (because their parents totally want to show their kid is a girl, huh and not a boy, not to be confused), they let them grow out (also to assert their gender identity, convinced it’s the haircut that makes sex). Then, over the years, the hair that comes down to the middle of the back reaches the shoulders, and the square is formed so much that some talk about the mother’s haircut, even the appearance of the short haircut – the big bun – the mother is no longer angry.

One would think that as they get older, women who cut their hair shorter and shorter do so because they take a step back from the symbolic mixing of female gender with long hair. However, it is a little more complicated than that. The abbreviation may free the shoulders from the capillary weight that can make you sweat, which is also a reflection of other commands, more or less heavy.

Sheared sensuality

“Older women undergoing chemotherapy are particularly affected by hair loss, which is seen as a symbol of their femininity”refers to the anthropologist Christian Bromberger, in particular the author of the work The meanings of hair – anthropology of body hair (Creaphis Editions, 2015). The relationship between poetry and feminine identity is naturally explained. The hair cycle from birth to growth to shedding averages six years in women, allowing hair to grow up to mid-back in length.Dermatologist Pascal Regan, director of the Sabouraud Center specialized in skin and hair at Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris), tells us. Whereas for men this growth cycle is like three years, which means that when men let their hair grow, it reaches their shoulders on average.

It is for these physiological reasons in particular, if long hair makes a symbol of “woman”, then shortening it may be a way to get rid of what this stereotypical view interferes with. To tell yourself that you don’t need to have hair to be recognized (as) a woman. And also one can be attractive without necessarily having rich hair or dedicating hours (and a lot of euros) to maintaining it, with plenty of shampoo, conditioner and other treatments, by separating oneself from the negative representation of women, if not an object to be courted, He has to focus on her appearance, rooted for centuries in the collective imagination. It’s no wonder that lush hair, a distinct outward sign, ended up as a (genetically?) sign of falling in love. cut your hair “It could be a claim, a way of saying ‘I’m feminine not just because I have long, silky hair’, to reject this representation of femininity through her hair.”Christian Bromberger confirms.

Reproduction standards

But wanting to spend less time brushing, shampooing, or drying your hair, not to mention masks, blow-drying, or sophisticated hairstyles, may not be a sign of freedom from injunctions. If Bob’s wounds flourish at a time in life when women find themselves mothers, it may also be because they find themselves doing more at home, between shopping, meals, cleaning, cleaning, and educating the children. And that procrastination in these hair-care-heavy notes is enough to make you want to tear your hair out. The result: a hair mop is no longer the priority, but rather goes down the drain and under the scissors.

And this, especially since long hair does not look dangerous in a professional environment. If NKM’s hair choices have caused so much talk, like the long curls of the Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men recently, that Marilyn Schiappa announced that she had decided to tie her hair up to be heard, it seemed necessary, in order to succeed in business, especially in Political life, adopting patriarchal laws and making people forget their status as women. “It is a refusal to be seen simply by the other as an object of seduction.”Hair specialist supports.

Of course, a woman who consciously cuts her hair shorter and shorter does not follow a time-honored ritual that would confirm the new social status of those who have signed a permanent contract, married or already given birth – and officially make them useless species. It is as if the temptation to hair has done its job of attracting the partner to end up with offspring. It has nothing to do with the Mongolian women who symbolize menopause, shaving their heads, as ethnologist Gael Lakazi stated in her article “Life in Du Poel. The construction of sex during the ideal life cycle of the Mongols.” However, we can speculate that shortening the length of women’s hair is the result of latent socialization and assimilation of the canons of beauty. Soft hair distinguishes youthChristian Bromberger insists. An old woman with long hair may look ridiculous because she is out of the ordinary.”

aesthetic density

Be careful, this does not mean that we should conclude from this that all women who reach parenting status suddenly decide that seduction is no longer their age, and then they, except for single mothers, are already engaged. . It could even be the opposite…without overriding the injunctions. Let us first define that if long and thick hair is a symbol of a young age, it is also for physical reasons. “As we age, hair life cycles get shorter. The maximum length decreases slowly and gradually from 20 to 25 years.a dermatologist who specializes in hair points out. We also notice a decrease in hair density and diameter over the years, starting at the age of 25. Another stage of hair disorder is pregnancy. If it promotes hair growthAs Dr. Reagan points out, On the other hand, two or three months after giving birth, a lot of hair falls out due to low hormones.”

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So women only cut their hair because they can’t have it for long, especially since then “The decrease in hair density is greater after menopause, as the hair is no longer protected by estrogen, which reduces hair loss.”? Not entirely. “When you’re over 40 or 50, if you want to keep your hair really long, you end up getting a radish tail at the end.Pascal Reagan explains. For aesthetic reasons, you can choose a shorter cut. So it is possible to look beautiful and stay put even though the hair gets shorter over the years. continuous headache. Maybe it’s time to fire red balls at the sultry beauty cannons and show that hair scattered like gray hair also has its place on our heads.

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