“Born Under X, Class Exists” in Besançon, Marie-Laure’s long battle to discover her story and find her biological parents

Marie Laurie, born under X in Besançon, Dobbs in the 1960s, has been struggling for several years to discover her origins and find traces of her biological father and mother. She tells us her extraordinary story.

In France, approximately 600 children are born under X each year. Since 2014, May 30 has been recognized as the International Day for the Right to Know One’s Origins. This battle was started by the Action Coordination Group for the Right to Know Origins (CADCO) so that children born under X have access to their history, so that the puzzle of their lives finds its missing pieces. On this occasion, France 3 Franche-Comté wanted to tell you the story of Marie-Laure, a Briton born in Besançon in 1966.

“Born under X, class found”. This is the entry in the childcare file of Marie Laurie, whose first name at the time of the abandonment was Sylvie and last name Collette. The latter began searching for its origins 15 years ago. But what does “category found” mean? Bisontine by birth has no idea despite all these years of research. What you do know is that she was born on October 1, 1966 at the Cigognes private clinic in Besançon and stayed there until October 24. Colmar is also mentioned in her file, without knowing why this city is mentioned in Alsace.

The young girl adopted by a British couple, about 7 or 8, soon realized that she was not biologically descended from her parents. “I knew very quickly that I had been adopted. I didn’t look like my father. I had trouble getting adopted explain to us.

I tried to talk to my mom, but she was too exclusive. You didn’t tell me anything. She told me I had been found.

Marie Laurie, born under X in Besançon

Around her teens, Marie-Laure began asking questions about her origins and her behavior problems. “When I was a teenager, I deviated a bit. I had a feeling of rejection. Well, yeah… I was abandoned at birth…” Britton analyzes. “I often hang out with young people from the neighborhood, with the Algerian community. At about the age of fourteen, I had a period when I refused to eat pork, but for no specific reason! My parents were Catholics too” You remember. At that moment, it was as if her roots had resurfaced without really getting down to her. Later, his journey with the men was a “failure” in his words. ‘I’ve always been afraid of being abandoned’.

Marie Laure, a mother of two daughters, to whom she immediately told the truth, began the long and difficult search into her past some fifteen years ago. Questions in her head and hoping for answers, she went to see an obstetrician at the clinic where she was born in Besançon. “He sent me to tell me I was really lucky to have been adopted.” She trusts us.

By posting a message on Facebook, shared on the “I’m looking for you” group, she gets invaluable help from people who have been affected by her testimony and is connected to two other women, born under X in the same clinic she lives in. “It was very touching. We thought we were crammed with the same arms.”.

The file that the Clinique des Cigognes provided to Marie-Laure seems strange to her and unfortunately very empty. “The National Council on Access to Personal Assets (CNAOP) can’t explain to me why” she says. She ended up ordering a DNA test on the Internet, from an American company, to try to reconstruct her story and find members of her genetic family. “I met many people, but it did not come to much. Three months ago, I had a big match. I met a woman of Algerian origin. She will be my cousin” reveal to us. Marie-Laure contacted this woman and was able to speak to her father’s sister, a resident of the Pays de Montbéliard who had an extramarital affair with her mother in 1966.

Alas, the wife of her biological father flatly refuses to talk to her husband about this, to the desperation of Marie-Laure who does not want to bother anyone and especially. “Do not destroy a family.” This secret child would only like to be able to find her biological mother’s trail now.

“You sent a picture of me when I was young, and there they told me there was no doubt. He can’t deny me, there are a lot in common and physical similarities. I’ll be 56… I just want to know” she explained And the While he tells us some strange and wonderful coincidences. “There are so many amazing things. I took a trip to Algeria in 2014. I was in a village where I felt so good! I felt like home. I recently learned that my parents’ entire family was from that village to tell you that gives me goosebumps.”

“Records law should be in place for life. We, X, should be able to access our records without going through months of waiting. We are not sufficiently supported and accompanied in our efforts. Real work needs to be done at this level. CNAOP is not very cooperative either.” My file is locked due to lack of additional information. It affected my spirits as I waited more than 15 months.” Marie Laure explains.

Left to her own devices to do her research, she would like to provide real support to people born under X and “That we can submit applications without being obligated to submit 50 recommendations”.

We won’t make history again but it’s true that we are ‘X’, and we will remain ‘X’, that’s it…I am an ‘X’ woman. But family history is still important and I would like to be able to tell my children where I come from.

According to Adonx, the Association for the Right to the Ascendants of Children Born Under X, a 1941 law authorizes a woman to give birth in secret, without leaving any trace of her past for a child who has been assigned a number by social services and is deprived of identity. “This law was passed during the Second World War, the majority of the women were alone, and it often happened that children were born from adulterous relations.” According to the association that campaigns for an end to under-X births in France: “The cases of abandonment have – fortunately – decreased compared to the beginning of the century, but the problem is that the law has not changed. In fact, France is the only country with Luxembourg, which defines birth under X, and which forever prohibits access to any biological filiation.”

This summer, adopted Britton Marie-Laure will come to French Comte to try to gather additional information and possibly get close to her mother, who she couldn’t stay with at the age of 22. “When you give up a child, don’t do it lightly. On October 1, I think of the person who gave birth to me. And I tell myself she must necessarily think of me.”

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