Advantages of dry haircuts –

As a rule, at the hairdresser, depending on your hair type or desired length, you will likely be offered to shampoo and then cut wet hair. But the opposite also exists, with the famous dry cut. Both types of trim have their pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options before making a decision.

But by the way, what is a “dry cut”?

There are several reasons why you might want a dry cut. First, it can be useful if your hairstylist is trying to achieve a specific look or style. Dry cutting also allows your stylist to see your hair in its natural state, which can help determine the best way to cut it.

Accuracy question

Well, yes, this is the number one reason that can explain the interest in dry cutting. Wet hair “rises” because it dries and sits differently. Therefore, cutting wet hair can be dangerous to the quality of your cut. By opting for a dry cut, you are guaranteed to always get the same result when cutting your hair at home. Dry cuts are also less damaging to hair overall, as they put less stress on strands.

When you see a photo of a model with the perfect haircut, know that most likely, her hair was cut dry! In fact, it is much easier to achieve consistency and precision with dry hair.

If your hair is very fine, a dry cut can also be a good option. In fact, with wet hair, strands tend to bulge out and can create the illusion of more volume than there actually is.

Difficult for hairdressers but reassuring for you

In fact, cutting dry hair is more difficult for hairdressers than cutting wet hair. why ? Quite simply because it requires more time and accuracy. When the hair is wet, it forms small bundles and therefore the cutting is much faster.

However, if you find a hairstylist with the skills to do a dry cut, go for it! Because this technique can also reassure you. In fact, you see the cutting path step by step and immediately know the final result, without having to go through the box of a hair dryer.

Hair cut according to hair type

With this hair styling technique, you can get a natural haircut that is easy to put on when styling hair. If you do not like blow-drying and other “artwork”, feel free anymore, this technique will allow you to get a very stylish hairstyle without much effort!

What is the curly hair technique?

If your hair is very curly, it’s easier to style it when it’s not wet. In this case, the cut will be done on dry hair, but it is likely that you will be offered shampoo before the wounding. This shampoo will remove any products that may be in your hair (gel or mousse, for example) and make your hair more manageable.

scissors hair styles

There are also haircuts that can only be done on dry hair, such as the famous “haircut”. This haircut is often requested by men who want graduated or subtle lines. It is a very short haircut that can only be achieved with scissors.

When it comes to choosing between a dry cut and a wet cut, it really depends on your hair type and the style you want. If you are not sure of your choice, ask for advice from a hairdresser!

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