A woman marries a reclusive millionaire 25 years her senior and finds he’s left with nothing after his death.

When a wealthy woman marries a hermit 25 years older, she becomes the talk of the town and the subject of endless speculation. But she did not realize that she had lost more than one life partner until after her husband’s death.

While money is undoubtedly necessary to provide a luxurious life, it does not always guarantee happiness. Some of the most precious moments we experience have nothing to do with money or nothing to do with money.

Sometimes disputes over money can lead to family quarrels, alienate loved ones and cause grief and heartache. The millionaire lived a similar experience when he decided to live a life that did not depend on his money. But not everyone thought the same for his wife.

Sandrine DeVillard. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

Lucky legacy and charming city dwelling

Sandrine DeVillard was a charming Parisian who ran four businesses in her homeland, including a real estate agency. The blonde-haired lady was always impeccably dressed, and showed great sophistication with her tailored outfits.

She was accustomed to a lavish lifestyle that suited her charismatic personality. Meanwhile, Marcel Amfaux was a toothy recluse, landowner and eccentric farmer who lived in the French Alpine village of Puy-Saint-Pierre.

Bien qu’il possède cinq cabanes de berger alpin sur des terres de valeur, Amphoux préfère vivre en reclus sur les pentes proches de Puy-Saint-Pierre, près de la grande station de ski de Serre-Chevalier, dans le sud-est de France. A French newspaper reported that he lives like a bear.

Marcel Ampho. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

I made him an offer

The prime location of the Amphoux estate means it’s worth millions – a fact that Devillard is well aware of when she meets him and expresses a strong desire to buy his land. If the huts are converted into huts, it can bring huge wealth.

But that all changed when Amphoux’s last will appeared in 2016, written on the back of an envelope.

Although the toothless hermit had wings, he never cared about their financial possibilities. Even the people who live there paid a low rent. Thus, much to Devillard’s dismay, Amphox refused to sell the land.

Unexpected union

But the seductive Parisian is determined to change things up, and she offers him a date. Surprisingly, the eccentric bachelor, who travels by bicycle and pretends to talk to aliens, is drenched in her beauty.

Shortly after the courtship, surprising news shocked the whole village: the unexpected wedding. Although Devillard assured everyone that she loved Amphoux with all her heart, none of her statements were convincing enough for the villagers.

On a cold, sunny day in September 2011, Amphox, 67, and Devilleard, 42, became husband and wife and sealed their union at Puy-Saint-Pierre town hall, which had just 500 residents and was surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

villagers reaction

Mrs. DeVillard wears a purple silk dress and a bouquet of flowers. The designer’s jewelry complemented her luxurious outfit. Amphox was dressed in a gray suit, violet silk tie, waistcoat, and a soft, shabby hat, his gray hair sticking out from the sides.

However, the residents of the Alpine village booed and teased throughout the wedding ceremony. Their hostility is directed directly at Devilard, who has nothing to do with this tight-knit city. Jack, a resident of the village, says:

“People were booing and laughing. They all knew Marcel well and thought Sandrine only wanted his property and his money.”

declaration of love

Many suspect that the blonde real estate agent is manipulating the shaggy landlord and only blaming his fortune. The couple’s honeymoon was planned in Paris, but Amphox was reported to have gone home alone after complaining that he hated the city.

The newlyweds kept in touch, but their marriage remained controversial. However, Devillard has devised a perfect plan to prove his love for Amphoux and silence the speculators.

In April 2012, she released a clip in which she sang a song called “L’appel du Soleil”. We see DeVillard frolicking in alpine meadows, like blonde Julie Andrews in her sparkling white dress.

Sandrine DeVillard. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

little man talking

He was going to show Amphoux from behind wearing a hoodie and in the final moments of the video, when he was kissed by Devillard. The clip shows Parisian’s glamorous transformation from a city lady to a country housewife. At the time, DeVillard revealed:

“Marcel is a medieval man, even prehistoric. I’m a real Parisian. I still live there. But I visit my husband as often as I can.”

But Amphox, who has remained silent throughout the clip and even otherwise, spoke to a local newspaper in June 2012 about his marriage and relationship with Devilard. He admitted that he had not heard from his wife for a while.

Marcel and Sandrine. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

horrific accident

The wealthy farmer also added:

“I’m afraid of losing everything.”

In November 2012, Amphox had a tragic road accident in which his car skidded in a ravine in thick fog, and he died of his injuries. The driver and another passenger, both friends of Devillard, survived.

Marcel (in a black hoodie) and Sandrine (in a white dress) were photographed together for the music video for Sandrine. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

Other Drama Deputies

The driver was then tried for manslaughter but was acquitted. The inhabitants of the whole village, about 500 people, came to the funeral of the “Alpine hermit”. The widow of the deceased, who is twenty-five years younger than him, is also present on this solemn occasion.

Devillard was dressed in black to attend the funeral and is said to have thrown herself into the tomb of Amphox to prove her love for her late husband. However, the people of the area continue to spread insults against the Parisians. Jack remembers:

“People were angry with Sandrine, and they kept saying that.”

Sandrine shares a kiss with Marcel on her music video. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

The will that changed everything

Under French law, Devilard was believed to be worthy of her husband’s considerable fortune. But that all changed when Amphoux’s last will appeared in 2016, written on the back of an envelope.

He made it clear in his will that he wanted his money to pass to his cousin and for the cabins to be passed on to the current tenants. It seemed that the rich hermit was not at all naive, because he did not leave a penny for his young and beautiful wife.

Devillard, enraged, was arguing for the validity of the will and asserting that he had not written by Amphox’s hand. She also claims that she is a victim of dishonesty and an attempt of blackmail and fraud on the part of the new heirs.

Sandrine and Marcel on their wedding day. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

But Attorney General Rafael Baland said handwriting experts confirmed that Amphox wrote the will. Therefore, Devillard’s allegations were dismissed.

We can learn many life lessons from the story of this wealthy hermit and his attractive young wife. Amphoux did not attach much importance to money, valuable relationships, family and love like a real man.

However, DeVillard allegedly cheated on her husband and was accused of conspiracy and conspiracy against him. Until the end, it failed to gain a place in the hearts of the Alpine villagers. What do you remember from this story? Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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