📰 Do nails and hair really continue to grow after death?

It is a very hateful legend, but it is stubborn. Nails and hair will continue to grow after death. Here’s why this isn’t really the case. Sensitive souls refrain.

Photo: Ralf Rolczyk, Berlin, 2013 / Wikipedia Commons

Hair follicles produce need to (Needs at the level of interaction between the individual and the environment. Are…) To be provided by the blood (Blood is a liquid connective tissue consisting of free cell aggregates, including …). The same is true for nails, which need living cells to grow. Thus, when one dies and the blood stops circulating in the body, the growth of hair, hair and nails stops. end of story.

However, there is a biological process that gives the impression that this is not the case and could be the cause of this Common (Rumors are a widespread phenomenon, by any means of official communication or …) stubborn. Even doctors can be fooled by researchers whoUniversity (The university is an institution of higher education whose goal is…) Indiana in British Medical Journal.

distance dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that no longer lives (even if…)So the blood stops watering the cells. The body gets dehydrated and soft tissues especially leather (The skin is an organ consisting of several layers of tissue. It plays, among other things, …), to retreat. And so the skin finds itself exposing more nails and hair – even to rise (Height has several meanings depending on the subject area.) from the follicle. Thus, this skin removal can make hair and nails appear longer or more prominent. But this is just an illusion.

The Indiana researchers cited above, who subjected seven “medical myths even doctors believe” to critical examination, concluded that the myth of hair and nails that keep growing after death persists because of this delusion…and because it’s frightening.

By the way, hair grows You know? (Average is a statistical measure that characterizes the elements of a set of…) – In living – about 0.3 mm per day (The day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset, which is…) And the screws are 0.1 mm. The potential growth for two or three days may be practically invisible to the naked eye.

Finally, although not all cells die at the same time time (Time is a concept developed by humans to understand…)Neurons survive after deprivationOxygen (Oxygen is a chemical element of the family of chalcogens, from…) Based on glucose (Glucose is aldohexose, the main representative of polysaccharides. By convention, it is …) It will be three to seven Minutes (Document basic form: Law: Minute is the origin of…). So even if the hair and nail cells are the same”the hope of life (Life expectancy is statistical data. Supposed to let you know how long…)“After the end Blood circulation (The circulatory system is a type of closed circulatory system that ensures …)that will not be enough for any growth.

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