Ukrainian women in Tunisia and the power of a mother’s love (reportage)

P / Tunisia / Hind Abdel Samad

“My mother’s face is my nation’s face.” Lebanese proverb.

Everyone agrees that the mother is the centerpiece of any home, any society, and in the universe. It is the sanctuary in wartime and the cure for all ills.

Every last Sunday in May, Tunisia celebrates its mothers. This year, Anadolu Agency visited the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​which organized a special ceremony on this occasion, to share the hope and joy of life with Ukrainian mothers.

“A mother’s love is unconditional, whether she is in the Arctic or Antarctic,” Tanya Peresada Ben Ali, a mother of two in Ukraine, a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, said in an interview. Anadolu Agency.

Tanya, qui vit en Tunisie depuis 13 ans, a affirmé qu’il n’y a pas de différence entre une maman tunisienne ou une maman ukrainienne ou même une maman anglaise, qui ne cesse de s’occuper de tout et occupée pétre For everyone.

With a fluffy little face, fair skin with blond hair and a slightly pointed chin, the young Ukrainian mother defines “Mother’s Day is a new tradition in Ukraine, it’s been ten years since we started celebrating this date.”

The English teacher adds that “a mother’s job begins with the birth of her child but it never ends, even when he grows up and establishes his family.”

“Words are not enough to describe how I feel about the current situation of mothers in Ukraine. In every family there is at least one man who voluntarily left the war to defend our country. Who can describe the feeling of a mother whose child is in war?” asked the native of Kyiv with great emotion.

And Tania continues, “We pray to God day and night for mothers in Ukraine to see their children safe and sound because there is no medal or shield that can compensate for her grief after their departure,” wishing “that every mother finds her son after the war.”

Born of a mixed marriage between a Ukrainian mother and a Tunisian father, Linda Ben Abdallah Belarbi announces: “We try to preserve the traditions of Ukraine by organizing parties at the embassy. Today the children will present a historical play.

In her traditional Ukrainian dress Vyshyvanka, with green eyes and well-arched eyebrows, the mother of two young girls adds: “My grandmother, my aunt and a large part of my mother’s family are still in Lviv, where I spent my summer holidays every year, but with the war we were forbidden to visit them. “

“We hate war, we want peace, I hope to see my family in good health” Linda wishes before continuing “We are sincerely with the mothers in Ukraine, with photos and videos of children victims of this cursed war I wish them good luck and long life.”

She married a Tunisian, Ukrainian Lesya Kunaeva Al-Sakhri, who has been living in Tunisia for 13 years, and she tells Anadolu Agency: “We are happy to organize this ceremony at the embassy because it brings joy to mothers and children, which we will return to our Tunisian citizen.” Ukrainian families.

With her sparkling look and glowing cheeks, dressed in an embroidered bohemian-style dress, the mother of three continues and the music teacher continues: “Here, we try to preserve our traditions, sing our songs, write in Ukrainian, read poetry and make a circle of friends, support and solidarity for our mixed families.”

“Mothers in Ukraine, you are wonderful, a strong woman, we feel your energy here, continue to resist, you will succeed, a woman can do everything and with our Ukrainian culture we can overcome all difficulties,” Lesia addresses to mothers in Ukraine, expressing “courage to everyone and I wish them a lot of happiness.” Love, kindness, beauty, support and solidarity.

Young girls and their mothers wearing Vishvanka’s headband decorated with flowers gather at the Embassy of Ukraine to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Algeria, Haiti, Morocco, the Dominican Republic and Sweden also celebrate Mother’s Day on the last Sunday in May, while in Ukraine mothers are honored on the second Sunday in May.

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