The Voice: Nour continues to celebrate his victory with Florent Bagni!

Nour is very proud of her victory in The Voice final. She continues to celebrate her victory on Instagram, with her coach Florent Bagni still at her heart. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Sound: Noor can win

She’s the beautiful Noor she has She won the final of The Voice last Saturday. For weeks on end, the nominee gave her everything she had to get ahead of Caroline Costa, Loris, Vik and Mister Matt.

I ran into Mr. Matt. But we must believe that his velvety voice seduced the audience. However, I did crazy things to him! The young woman lost her voice a few days before the final. So she had to stop talking to rest her voice.

“It’s more exhausting, but I have to recover from my feelings. I do what I can, I try not to talk too much even if it’s a bit complicated. I’m on medication captured.

The beautiful brunette also had a special feature: she was well pursued! In fact, it isIt was Florent Bagni who supported him. You will never forget his support and wisdom.

The Voice winner said: We laughed a lot, we have a really good bond and I think it’s important. He is a wonderful and very brave man.. She is very proud of their ‘very close bond’.

On her Instagram account, she shared a file Anniversary of his victory with Florent Bagni ! We see her on her coach’s bench, holding her trophy, The Voice.

beautiful bond

In the photos Nour posted on Instagram, Translator of knowing love by his side. Wearing a big sunny smile. These are heart-warming photos.

Even netizens are under the spell: “ It’s so beautiful, well done, “You deserve your victory, Florent believed in you, and he was right”, “You have a great bond, nice to see“…

One thing is for sure, Noor will never forget his experience on The Voice. This will remain engraved in his heart forever. And the same for his coach, who is proud to attend the show despite illness.

Furthermore, the young woman reported on Florent Bagni, who is gradually recovering: “He’s a little tired. I was a bit worried about seeing him again without hair or a beard… but he’s doing well and smiling. Even if it’s hard, he shows his bravery and that’s something that fascinates me about him.”

The coach decided to take a break to end his battle against disease. In an interview with Gala, he said: “After The Voice, I continue with my last chemotherapy, and after that, it’s over! I will fix myself, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and this is an opportunity.”

“I will check in regularly during these six months of rest. Then I will be back.”

It seems that The end of the tunnel is very close!

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