How do you adopt a bohemian chic look this summer? 5 very cool pieces to match the hippie trend

Long dresses, fringed skirts, lace blouses, cowboy boots, round glasses, trendy prints … Bohemian style has managed to make its mark among the fashion trends of today and therefore in our dressing rooms. In fact, the romantic pieces have been on the shelves of our favorite brands for a few seasons. So how do you adopt it without missing a beat? Easy to wear, the bohemian look transcends the seasons without ever going out of fashion. However, you have to know how to eat it well. Our fashion experts rate you!

Bohemian style, a summer wardrobe classic, has been finding a new look since spring 2022. It finds its place among the hippie, pop, and handmade pieces of the ’70s. That’s why we’re into crochet, beaded bracelets, custom accessories, romantic floral dresses, puffed sleeves, and light midi skirts. The hippie outfit is somewhat informal. Its various forms flood the web, the streets, music festivals, such as Coachella, and the catwalks of Fashion Week. But where do we begin to address it? Here are 5 pieces to invest in this season!

White Bohemian Hippie Elegant Woman Look Summer 2022

The hippie movement, which emerged in the 1960s across the Atlantic, revealed the bohemian style with icons such as Jane Birkin and Janis Joplin. A scarf in hair, round glasses, a kimono jacket with XL sleeves … The legendary look of the American singers reflects a new vision of fashion – unrestrained and colorful fashion. Over the years, the hippie style has continued to evolve. Proof of this is that girls are reinventing it every season to adhere to the latest fashion trends.

Bohemian chic looks with a summer woman's look

And because this hippie style is so easy to wear, we enjoy mixing it up with rock cuts. Thus, the jacket can be wonderfully combined with a long crocheted skirt. To wear this head-to-toe trend, wear a maxi floral-patterned dress, add a scarf in your hair and slip on a pair of wedge espadrilles.

5 pieces to add to your dressing room for a bohemian chic look

Bohemian look with women's jeans summer 2022

Thanks to the fashion search engine Styles Analyzing the behavior and preferences of fashionistas, we are happy to announce that bohemian style will be popular this summer. How is it certified without false notice? from where we start ? What if we told you that all you had to do was match these four pieces to develop a boho chic look? Our style guide is for you!

crochet dress

Women's bohemian summer dress 2022

For summer 2022, knitting is stepping out of the sweater department and calling itself out on dresses, skirts, and accessories. A modern, easy-to-wear crochet or fishnet dress is an essential piece for creating a bohemian outfit. How do you wear it? On the skin or on the swimsuit, it is up to you. The only condition? Choose it very thin and light. Same for the parties which are also shaping up to be a great summer fashion obsession. Whether it’s on clothes or accessories, parties are always a part of bohemian chic.

Palazzo pants

Elegant Bohemian Look Palace Pants Women's Fashion Trends 2022

For a boho-chic look this summer, we invested in palazzo pants, the currently bohemian piece in the dressing room. This elegant polka-dotted piece, animalistic or floral, combines comfort and trend at the same time. It pairs perfectly with a light blouse and white sneakers for an elegant look.

the coat

Bohemian shoes summer fashion 2022

The jacket is clearly another must-have when it comes to the bohemian look. We choose it this summer is light, preferably flax or suede. Colorful patterns will also be present. How do you wear it elegantly? Over a ruffled dress or a white shirt dress. Most knowledgeable fashion designers don’t hesitate to use it directly on the skin during a heat wave.

printed scarf

Bohemian style costume with scarf original women summer 2022

Delicate elegance, silky touch and trendy patterns, the scarf has established strong ties with fashionistas. Comfortable during the winter and super delicate when the weather returns, this accessory is a timeless part of a bohemian wardrobe. In silk or satin, plain or plaid, it can be worn in many fashionable ways. As a belt, in the hair, in a cropped version or a robe, it’s up to you!

bohemian long skirt

Bohemian Chic Look Women Hippie Long Skirt Summer 2022

Combined with the ruffled dress, the bohemian skirt is the most romantic piece of an elegant wardrobe. In lace, crochet, linen, printed or even slightly sheer, it can be worn with everything and everywhere. Our favorite bohemian look this summer? Ultra-light long skirt with bodice and accumulated jewelry!

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