10 unmissable dance events in June

It is undoubtedly an introduction. Before our bodies come alive and free themselves on beaches outside cities. See other bodies cheering on stage, in dance art, during big performances or solos. “Let’s dance, otherwise we’re screwed up”, said choreographer Pina Bausch. So let’s dance, since the three major festivals for the current month of June, also dedicate places and times to non-professionals. We will also admire dancers and companies of different styles, classic or contemporary, Latin or African… No matter the decor, music or technique, seeing bodies in motion is always fun.

1. Francois was totally thrown!

From : in category “star dancer”Five years ago, we were just talking about Benjamin Millepied. Now we only have eyes for him, François Allu. At the age of seventeen, he became involved in the Paris Opera Ballet, and was entitled to comment “must be refined” For years it did not comply with established physical standards. But his steel thighs (useful for jumps) took him away: last April, he was named ” star “ In front of the raucous crowd (Twenty minutes of applause).

what or what : a one-hour, twenty-hour show co-directed with Samuel Morris, Outside the Walls of the Opera, in which fifteen singles—classical, contemporary, or hip-hop—dance and twelve characters, of good manners, play. Dance teacher to terminology room manager.

Why we like: Because it combines the grace of a classical dancer with the strength of a gymnast. And to play comedy (fairly well) by performing such a work of art, you have to do it!

when and where : June 10 and 12 in Bordeaux, June 19 in Marseille, and June 25 and 26 in Paris.

2. Montpellier Dance Festival

From : In 1981, the year Jacques Lang created the National Centers for Choreography (19 in all), choreographer Dominique Bagoy inherited the Montpellier Center, and used it to create the Montpellier Dance. Twenty years after his death, this festival, today directed by Jean-Paul Montanari, has become the most important in Europe and has attracted companies from all over the world.

what : This season more than twenty choreographic creations on the topic of homelessness, exile and hospitality. Besides proven values ​​like the good old Batsheva, Emmanuel Gat or the indestructible Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, some newcomers, like Jefta Van Dinther & Cullberg, are especially waiting.

why do we love : he is The biggest oneWarm and sunny festival. The public appreciates her for the quality of her programming and for the wonderful outdoor Agora Room. Be careful, watch the videos of the various performances on the site before you sit down! Because among the marvels can slip a difficult “point”.

when : From 17 June to 3 July.

3. Kader Atto + C Acrorap: The Others

From : Kader Atto trains at the circus school and now runs the National Dance Center in La Rochelle. Like his colleague Murad Marzouki, he brought his nobility messages to hip-hop and elevated this urban dance onto the main national stages.

what : Hip-Hop and Contemporary: In this show, we are no longer able to distinguish between the idiosyncrasies of one and the other, as Kader managed to marry the two seamlessly.

Why we like: €10 (youth subscription) for an hour of the show. What a scene! On stage, along with talented dancers, musicians play rare instruments: seraph, crystal, theremin. The whole thing creates a very strange cinematic atmosphere, a daydream.

when and where : From 9 to 11 June at the Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris.

4. Salsa Show and Hip Hop Workshop with Rodrigue Leno

From : A huge man with a super colorful appearance lit up our senses with the hilarious videos he was playing in ‘Darwin is dashed’. Dancer, choreographer, comedian, rapper, speaker and director, Mr. Lino It’s supposed to do quite a lot.

what : Here, it is above all about participation. Alone or in a duo, we travel for an hour to the rhythms of salsa and hip-hop. A combination in which Leno became a professional. But if you just want to watch, you sit on the edge of the outdoor stage and have fun: the show is free.

Why we like: Because lino exudes an atmosphere of hell. And that CentQuatre is one of our favorite places in Paris. There is always something (creative) going on there any time of the day.

when and where : Every Sunday in June at 12 noon.

5. Pina Bausch / Tanztheater Wuppertal: Bluebird

From : The Indochina group dedicated a song to her, Wuppertal, Pedro Almodovar invited her to dance in one of his films … That is, Pina Bausch is an icon of contemporary dance. She vanished at the age of 68, leaving an indelible mark on her company Tanztheater Wuppertal.

what : In the huge room of a medieval castle, the floor covered with dead leaves creaks under the steps of a woman in long dress and long hair (like all Pina Bausch heroines) who struggles in the hands of Barbie-blue tyrant. embarrassed.

Why we like: Life isn’t complete without watching a performance by Pina Bausch (and Ariane Mnuchkin for stage).

when and where : From June 18 to July 2, at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.

© Christian Clark

6. CND Camping Festival in Banten

From : Created by Mathilde Monnier in 2015, immediately after her appointment as Director of the National Center for Dance in Banten, this year’s camping festival was imagined with the complicity of Gisele Fiennes, whose wonderful concert Crowd is still in our memories.

what : It’s not a question of pitching your tent in Pantene, it’s about sticking to the concept of art camp. On the programme: classes, workshops and performances including the excellent single En son instead of Christian Rizzo with Nicolas Fayol and the annoying macho dancer and choreographer Eisa Jocson (15 and 17 June at CND in Banten).

Why we like: Camping is not just a show for choreographers, it allows you to get acquainted with different schools of dance. This year, there are 34 workshops, some with artist Via Maynard and Bhutto dancer Kim Itoh.

when and where : From June 13 to 24 at CND in Bantin and in Lyon.

© Giannina Oetker

7. Korea: Gisele

From : Check out the star choreographer in Béjart! Artistic groups such as (La) Horde are now the trend in the contemporary dance world. The Spanish group Koria consists of choreographers and artistic directors. Four creative brains for more abundant work.

what : The chance to admire eleven male and female dancers most of the time in their underwear (almost a tradition in contemporary dance). But that’s not the only attraction in this fiery show, which presents itself as a reinterpretation of a classic romantic work by a very connected young man.

Why we like: Giselle the star of the younger generation? We believe in it with this turbulent show where dancers spin, cuddle, jump and cry to the music of Adophe Adam (19th century) and the ever-destroying duo music (very, very, very out of our century)

when and where : From 1 to 4 June at the Théâtre de Chaillot in Paris.

© Mare’ Al-Bari

8. Pitragala: The Dancing Woman

From : The most famous dancer in France. Petra, as his fans call him, is a talent but also a character: one commits or not. Some may be upset by his lyrical poetic journeys, but no one would ever reprimand him for dancing in moderation.

what : A lively solo under bluish lights during which the dancer rhymes Dance with Secrets. Because yes, in this show, Petra tells us about her life as an artist and as a woman. With her, the body is as political as it is poetic.

Why we like: She was a prima ballerina at the Paris Opera for eight years until 1998. But she hasn’t rested on her laurels since then, incorporating video clips, circus arts, and existing music into her shows that benefit from no support. Presentation takes most of the time several weeks. A feat in the world of dance.

when and where : June 7 in Montereau Fault Yonne, June 10 in Fontainebleau, June 18 in Nantes, July 23 in Vaison La Romaine, and at Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris from mid-October.

9. D’pendanse: Between Us

From : Girls who wear embroidered dresses and boys of black shirts that are not tied to the navel. Eight dancers known to the general public since their participation in the show “Dancing with the Stars” and their brilliant leaders are Maxim Dermez and Dennitsa Ekonomova.

what : A series of sketches danced to the rhythms of samba, foxtrot, rumba, tango or waltz, to name only the most famous ballroom dances. With a common thread: In the evening time, friends meet to evoke their memories. And these are not synthetic roles because the eight artists are also friends in life.

Why we like: With this band’s name, D’pendanse, we know who this show is for: all those who are in love with “Dancing with the Stars,” ballroom dancing competitions and comic decor. But this does not prevent talent and technique. Then ballroom dancing is a separate world, outdated, and worthy of attention.

when and where : June 2 at La Grande Motte, June 11 in Rennes.

© Alexander Eustache

10. Seine-Saint-Denis International Choreography Meetings

From : Created in Bagnolet in 1995, these meetings were extended to all municipalities of Seine-Saint-Denis in 2002 with the arrival of Anita Mathieu (it has since been replaced). The uniqueness of this event: many unknowns are on the bill, but many presenters flock there to discover new talent.

what : We no longer know where to go because there are so many temptations in this 2022 edition. 13 and 14 June in Bantin) and Feelings of Poufs en, Funny Creatures by Yvan Clédat and Coco Petitpierre (3 and 4 June in Bagnolet).

Why we like: Once that’s not a habit, shows drop off their base to settle in parks, small rooms, colleges, and high schools. Festivals with companies from Zimbabwe, Kenya or Ukraine are rarely the same this season.

when and where : Until June 18 at 17 venues in Seine-Saint-Denis.


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