Tom Cruise: Always on top!

On that day, Tom Cruise lost almost everything: it’s May 23, 2005, the actor will revive the history of the Oprah Winfrey talk show. Truly springy, the sofa star masters the show. It is clear that Tom will leave the horses and will not be able to hold on. He gets up every 30 seconds, puts one knee on the floor, jumps on the sofa, seemingly haunted, ignoring the moderator’s questions. What is the reason for this behaviour? Katie Holmes, whom Tom has been dating for less than two months: “I love him! I can’t pretend!”In dingo mode, it claims to reduce anxiety. On the other hand, behind the scenes, it swings dangerously high: Steven Spielberg is in the lead, who notices that the actor spoils the promotion of his film. Because it’s been 15 days now on American television or at press conferences in Europe, Tom never mentioned, World warThis is the Steven Spielberg feature film that he’s supposed to be promoting. On the contrary, he is using it for personal purposes to profess his love for Katie or – more seriously – to be a Scientology defector. Not very professional all this, bad to work anyway…

“My father hit me was a cowardly tyrant”

Punishment will fall after a year, after failure Mission Impossible IIIWhen Sumner Redstone, president of Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, decided to fire Tom Cruise after 14 years of cooperation: “We appreciate Tom Cruise as a person, but the way he’s been acting lately is not acceptable to Paramount.”, confirms Redstone, also invoking the actor-producer’s “creative suicide.” Or how do you go from lovable star to non-recurring flare…how did Tom Cruise get there? As is often the case in cases of psychological impact, the origin is to get rid of traumas that occurred during childhood. As a teenager, Tom was bloated, dyslexic, and bullied by his classmates. At home, the situation is not much better: it is his father’s favorite head of the Turk, an electrical engineer who wears on the bottle: “My dad hit me. He was a tyrant and a coward. He was antisocial and unpredictable. He knew how to get you out of kind, and then suddenly explode!”Bitterly remembers the star in the pillars VODIn 2006. In order to protect her son, her mother, Mary Lee Pfeiffer, divorced her and left with her son and three daughters to Ohio. Tom at the time aspired to become a priest and attended St. Francis School in Cincinnati for a year. Deep down, the teenager feels responsible for his parents’ divorce and the instability that his single mother finds herself mired in. Tom was then a sensitive young man steeped in spirituality with a passion for theatre.

consecutive puzzles

He will finally choose the second option because, as he specified in Columns Or not, in 2017: “At four years old, I really wanted to make films.” Head to New York where things will go really fast. After solo jobs and small roles, Tom is on the billunderdogsby Coppola, in 1983 and especially dangerous work, by Paul Brickman, the same year, making him the new teen star. Two years later, he just became a star Betterby Tony Scott. He is 23 years old and already has a star on Hollywood Boulevard. When others freak out, Tom will make a career with a little onion. facing Paul Newmanmoney colorby Martin Suckersese, in 1986 (or Dustin Hoffman)Rain Man, by Barry Levinson, 1988), gained such credibility that he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1989, for Born on the Fourth of July, by Oliver Stone. The ’90s would be magical: Sidney Pollack, Brian De Palma, Stanley Kubrick, John Wu, Steven Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson, Michael Mann… Tom tours with the greatest of times.

At heart, he formed a glamorous and fashionable pair with Nicole Kidman, this beautiful Australian redhead who seduced him on the set of Days of Thunder, by Tony Scott, in 1989 and with whom he adopted a girl and then a boy: Isabella and Connor. Problem: Tom has been a Scientologist since the mid-1980s and wants to raise his children according to the principles of the sect that has gained religious status in the United States. Certainly not for Nicole who intends to teach them the Catholic faith like her. Scientology will create discord between the spouses and Tom will be asked to choose between his wife and the cult. In 2000, after a miscarriage, Nicole received the papers from her husband’s lawyer: He’s filing for a divorce, leaving a stunned and depressed Nicole that it will take so long to realize what just happened to her… Tom Cruise, on the other hand, is moving forward, he has reached Level 3 From Scientology and feel his wings grow: he organizes a selection process to find a new fiancée.

“At four years old, I really wanted to make films”

Katie Holmes, the fangirl who had a poster in her teenage room, would do the trick. On the career side, he broke up with his press officer, Pat Kingsley, who was able to contain his enthusiasm as a Scientology promoter in the media. As a result, Tom leaves and becomes a heavy convert to his cult practice. The rest, we know: the awkward moment on Oprah Winfrey and the natural dismissal of Paramount… We’re in December 2008, and Paula Wagner, his assistant producer, let him go in August of that same year. Tom is alone and the loom awaits its final downfall.

For many in his next movie, ValkyrieYou will hit him. Everyone fantasizes about flipping, and bim!, it would be a totally unexpected success. Since then, Tom will not leave the place of his choice in Hollywood. three years later, New York Magazine He’ll set the tone with this title: Time to get back in love with Tom Cruise. If the public stuck, then it is less simple for his relatives. His romance with Katie Holmes broke down in 2012 and he hasn’t seen their daughter Suri for 10 years. Fortunately, cinema is there: at the age of 59, he’s back with him Top Gun: Maverick And he looks like a freshly caught cockroach when his co-workers make dangerous shovel strokes. The art of always staying on top!

Exploits and glitches

Cruz, like Belmondo once, does not use acrobatic doubles. A real added value not without some cold sweats on the part of the insurance companies. In 1985, he nearly drowned in the Pacific Ocean on the set Betterin 2004 and later The last samuraihe is just a few centimeters away from being beheaded by a katana, in 2014, he crashed into a flying tree in a car while turning around edge of tomorrowthen in 2018 onwards Mission: Impossible – FalloutHe tries to jump on the roof of a Yamakase building and seriously hurts his leg. A man of all challenges, in the year 2023, he must shoot the International Space Station.

real launch…

Short or long hair, beard or bald, Tom Cruise knows how to transform according to his desires and above all roles. His trademark remained: that famous smile that shaped his glory. From a physical point of view, no one has missed a detail: the star does not age or does not age. Injection or not injection? At around the age of 60, he has only one wrinkle between his eyebrows, called a frown line. Quite an icon.

Love Status: It’s Complicated

After flirting in the ’80s with Melissa Gilbert (The little house in the meadow), Heather Locklear (Melrose Place) and Cher (in cougar status at the time), Tom seduces his playmate dangerous work, Rebecca De Mornay, in 1983. In 1987, he married milf Mimi Rogers, who introduced him to Scientology. He divorced in February 1990 after meeting Nicole Kidman in 1989, and married her in December 1990 (does it follow?). Together, they will embody the glamorous couple of the ’90s and will adopt two children: Connor (born in 1995) and Isabella (1992). Their divorce will be legalized in 2001 and after a four-year relationship with Penélope Cruz (in Cruz and Cruise status) he met on set. vanilla sky, became official with Katie Holmes in 2005. In 2006, they had a daughter (Suri, Cruz’s only natural child so far) and married in 2006 in Rome. The couple separated in 2012. Kidman, Cruise, Holmes… The end of these love finds its origin in Tom’s involvement in Scientology. During 2021, the press reported a story with actress Hayley Atwell, but their relationship was not to last long. In the face of these successive failures, some, in addition to Scientology, have long commented on the star’s pent-up homosexuality. According to article writer Luis Blancho, Tom will be too “Seduced without sexual arousal”who lives somewhatSterility in relation to the other with sex. yes…

Shadow of Scientology

A child beaten and humiliated by a violent, sadistic, alcoholic father, Tom Cruise has always found sanctuary in spirituality. In the late seventies, the future star thought about becoming a priest. With his first wife, Mimi Rogers, he began his career in Scientology in 1984. Over the years, he rose through the ranks. In the 1990s, the cult’s new first man, aspiring David Miscavige, betted the star’s notoriety to recruit followers. He then encourages Tom to talk about his involvement in the media while controlling his own life. In 2018, after selling his real estate assets, the actor purchased a penthouse apartment in Clearwater, Florida, a coastal city of 100,000 residents that became Vatican Scientology. There, his three Scientologists’ sisters, Lee Ann, Marianne, and Cass, joined him with their children. Tom, who ran away from the family home at the age of 18, did Clearwater make up the perfect home for his lost childhood? It’s possible.

his movie

1986: Top Gun

The US Air Force lacks recruits? Tony Scott films a movie in its glory and makes young Tom Cruise a star in the Reagan years.

1986: The color of money

In this sequel to The Con Man, written by Scorsese, he continues his journey against a living legend: Paul Newman.

1988: Rheinmann

In front of the camera of Barry Levinson, he stars opposite Dustin Hoffman in this award-winning autism thriller.

1989: Born on July 4th

An activist film directed by Oliver Stone about Vietnam War veterans. Manned performance by Tom Cruise.

1996: Mission: Impossible

The first part of the SA franchise directed by Brian De Palma. The seventh installment is expected to be released soon.

1999: Magnolia

Another cult film by Paul Thomas Anderson in which he plays a male expert who is an expert in seduction. Brilliant composition composed by Tom.

2002: Minority Report

His first collaboration with Steven Spielberg (to follow The War of the Worlds, in 2005), is an SF film adapted from Philip K. Dick. Huge success upon arrival.

2012: Jack Reacher

A very good action movie directed by Christopher McCurry which should have been the starting point for a great series. Unfortunately, the second part will be a failure.

2022: Top Gun: Maverick

Nearly forty years later, he’s back in the Maverick shoe. Joseph Kosinski’s film smashes walls with sound, spectacle, and emotion.

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