“I loved the clown on stage”: We found Marie, Tolunese who participated in the Van School in 1988

It’s 1988. Marie, 5, a cute little girl with long blonde hair and big hazel eyes, is in the Ecole des fans collection.

Today’s guest is Pierre Bachelet. The famous singer who rests today at the Naval Cemetery in Saint-Tropez. On that day she will sing one of her famous songs “Elle est d’ailleurs”. “Grandma, Dad and Mom” I taught her and the vinyl she still has at home.

“My mother was crying with joy”

We went to Paris by train from Toulon. It was too long back thenshe remembers. My mom had dressed me up on the train.” For the occasion, she wore a beautiful red blouse, mini skirt and black shoes. The kids were always very stylish.

“Before the show, people asked us questions to see if we answered easily. Me, it was my case.” True, the blonde did not look really impressed.

My mom was so thrilled that she threw my hair all over and had to restyle my hair.” A memory that never fails to make her smile today.

“I would like to have five brothers and sisters”

What do you like to do when you grow up?And the “And what do your parents do at work?”. Everyone remembers the constant questions Jack Martin asked children in 2014. And the strange, candid and sometimes innocent answers about the latter.

This company he maintained with the audience and viewers by gently mocking his parents. A few moments of embarrassment but also countless laughter have passed 21 years during this program that gathered every Sunday afternoon in front of the televisions, grandparents, sons and grandsons.

At that time, Mary was the only child. She was not against the idea of ​​having siblings But not in the same house.. “And why not in the same house?”asks Jack Martin. “Would there be a place?”, he adds. To this the little girl responds “Neither nor” With a gesture that made the whole audience burst out laughing. Because at home, in Toulon, ‘Almost too small’. The young lady from Var is very expressive.

“How much you love brothers and sisters”the host restarts. “Not so much because…”Mary responds hesitantly. Finally, you would like “You have five”. A new wave of laughter in the Parisian auditorium of the Théâtre de l’Empire.

We later learn that his parents Elizabeth and Bernard are kitchen designers for two competing brands. One in Gaggenau, the other in Bruynzeel. They must have met on market day.Jack Martin jokes. which adds: “With two stoves, you’ll be able to feed everyone.”

“I keep fond memories of her”

From her time on the show, Marie “He has a great memory. I enjoyed the clown on stage.”. Although she remembers it was “Frustrated because I can’t sing the whole song.”

His wish was more than granted. Unfortunately his parents later divorced and “I had two brothers on my mother’s side and four brothers on my father’s side”She confirms, as she contemplates the death of one of them in 2008.

Today she no longer resides in Toulon, she lives in Burgundy with her companion and her son, who has the same facial expressions as her mother.

“Like a mother, like a son”ironically Mary.

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