Hair Oiling: The Indian Technique for Shiny Hair

If there is one area in which Indian women are particularly recognized, in addition to the quality of their cuisine, it is the beauty of their hair. Long, thick, shiny and frizz-free Indian women have hair that is the envy of many women around the world. It must be said that they care about it a lot, especially thanks to the highly energizing and nourishing homemade recipes from Ayurvedic medicine. Among them, hair lubrication.

Hair oiling is the secret of Indian women’s dream

This technique has been instilled from mother to daughter for centuries to obtain it healthy hair, soft and shiny. Today, if it becomes fashionable again, it is because social networks have brought it back into the spotlight (file hashtag # Poetry He has at least 36.8 million views on TikTok). Also, the chain of strikes The Bridgeton Chronicle back to the fore hair lubrication technique. During an episode of Season 2, we already see The main heroine, Kate Sharma, applies a little oil to the roots of her little sister Edwina’s hair, two characters respectively played by Simon Ashley and Charithra Chandran, both of Indian origin. A gesture that fans immediately recognized and that beginners and beauty junkies were quick to use Google to understand better. And, of course, cloning it, in order to have the same hair as the heroines of the series.

First of all, know that it is best to adopt this technique on relatively clean hair so that it is effective and not counterproductive. If the hair lubrication technology is very simple, performed according to the rules of art, it should be performed with vegetable oils very accurate. In fact, Indian women prefer only Alma or Shikakai women, which are respectively known for intensely repairing and nourishing the scalp, and promoting hair growth. Wash once or twice a week according to the need of the scalp, it is sufficient to massage the head in the evening with oil before going to bed, for about ten minutes, using circular movements with the pulp of the fingers. You will let the oil run all night. The next day, you will need two shampoos in a row to clean your skull and hair to remove the oil residue.

If this technique is traditionally carried out by Indians on a daily basis, it is better to space the applications to adapt to the rhythm of our lives and not to sensitize the hair too much with frequent washing. In fact, it is best to avoid washing your hair every day. Likewise, if hair oiling is theoretically possible for all hair types, it is best to test it with caution if your scalp is sensitive and/or irritable or if you suffer from hair loss big or dandruff Dry or oily.

Hair oil, what effects to expect?

In addition to having healthy and soft hair after shampooing, one gets healthy, shiny and frizz-free fibers. All without particularly overburdening the effect of the oil, contrary to what one might think. As a bonus, hair growth is promoted thanks to the action of the oil and the massage of the skull, which activates blood circulation in the capillaries.

Moreover, this same massage – whether done by someone else or performed for oneself – also has a very calming effect for the person receiving it.

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