Friends, charmers… 10 TV series marriages totally messed up but end well

As we know, in the series, weddings do not go as planned. And if some don’t work out, others will be lucky enough to have a happy ending. Like these 10 events that seriously list you here.

[MISE A JOUR] : This article originally appeared in June 2018 with the title “10 Marriages In A Totally Mesmerized TV Show… It Ends Well.” Updated and republished May 2022.

Jackson and Hailey in the series originals

© The CW

The marriage between these two people was very different from the ceremonies we usually know. It was more of a multi-part ritual between a werewolf and a hybrid. If this union is above all strategic, in order to prevent the real conflict from exploding between the different races originalsFinally, it is a very beautiful event full of love being presented to the masses.

Santana and Brittany / Kurt and Blaine – cheerful

  Santana and Brittany: Kurt and Blaine - Glee

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Superstitions die hard, and are part of Brittany’s beliefs. When you marry Santana, things don’t go as planned. The man who should head up is the first to cancel his visit, before Brittany panics because Santana discovers her wearing her wedding dress before the ceremony. And vice versa after a few moments. But thanks to Sue (who would have believed it…), the event gained more traction when she managed to convince Kurt and Blaine to marry in the same ceremony.

Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan in the cult series friends

Phoebe Mike's friends

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A true gang free spirit, we haven’t really seen Phoebe get married. However, she met the man of her life in the character of Mike, “thanks to” Joey, who randomly called his name in Central Perk. The two end up getting married in a sweet celebration on a snowy street in Season 10…but not without some hiccups along the way. Like a blizzard, for example.

Arizona and Callie in the Medical Series instinct anatomy

Gray-Anatomy-Cali-Arizona-Wedding Photos


This time it is the parents’ problem. While Arizona and Callie fantasize about their dream wedding, the latter’s mother refuses to allow her daughter to marry another woman and decides not to come to the wedding. Callie also asks her father to leave and wants to cancel the ceremony after the priest tells them that he can no longer marry the two women, because his wife was the victim of a car accident. But Billy stepped in and told her that the important thing in all of this ordeal is the love she feels for Arizona and that nothing should get in the way. Finally, she takes the place of the priest and marries them. If the couple breaks up today, the fact remains that their party remains one of the most beautiful sdes series!

Piper Halliwell and Leo White- Charm

Magic Piper Leo

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Liu and Piper can finally pass the ring on their finger, despite the founders’ reluctance. But with their consent, the two proceed to formulate their desires and become husband and wife. Yes, it is almost too easy. The party was interrupted by a man running with Prue’s astral projection. She is wanted for murder after a dream (We in Charm after all) and the Halliwell sisters must find a way to clear her name. Piper and Leo end up getting married in the presence of the witches’ parents and even Penny, who takes official duties!

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine Wedding Jake Amy


A bomb threat and it’s all over. More so when your ex is in charge of the bomb squad. This is what Amy Santiago experienced before her marriage to Jake. The false alarm was announced, and a real bomb was finally found in the building where the celebration was to take place. Fortunately for the two love birds, the 99 are real families, and finally in front of the police station they get married on the same night thanks to the efforts and love of their colleagues and friends. Even Mlepnos are in the game!

Jessica Day and Nick Miller- new girl

This is all in the title of the wedding episode between Jess and Nick: Curse of the Pirate Bride. Jess’s mother discovers the lovers are together in bed on the morning of their wedding and assures them that they have cursed the happy event. The young woman hurts her eye and is forced to wear a pirate’s eye patch, receives kickbacks, Nick is left by his editor, ex Jess arrives and declares his love for her several times…everything goes wrong and on top of that (Ali)’s water cuts before the party starts. Finally, Jess and Nick get married in the hospital corridors, not wanting to change the event.

Leslie Knope and Ben White- Gardens and recommendation

Leslie Ben Gardens and Wedding Recording


in like the Friends, new girl And the Brooklyn Nine-NineThe wedding between Ben and Leslie takes place in an unusual place: their workplace. While the happy event is planned for a certain date, the two make the decision to marry three months in advance, entrusting all their colleagues and friends with certain tasks: finding wedding rings, a marriage license, a priest, and a dress. White deserves the name. If all does not go as planned, it is the arrival of Jeremy Jamey that destroys everything above all else. As they lose all hope, Ron Swanson asks them to follow him to City Hall… for a surprise party.

Rick and Cat Beckett Castle- fort

castle wedding


With everything going well between Castle and Beckett and the wedding approaching, the writer panics and comes to mind that the inspector would be better off without him, if you had never met him before. After an explosion at a crime scene, he finds himself in a parallel world where the other characters never knew him. In the end, Castle was able to recover his reality, and the two lovers were able to tell each other ” I want it “.

Marshall and Lily in the series How do I meet your mother



The end of season two HIMYM It was eventful with Marshall and Lily (Allison Hannigan)’s wedding that didn’t go quite as planned. A group that does not exist and is replaced by a pregnant woman about to break her water, a veil that has disappeared, and a haircut that ends with a partial head shaving. But nothing can stop these two from getting married. They have been made for each other since college and their love is stronger than anything else. It’s out, far from everyone, in a very small committee that they end up saying to each other ” yes “.

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