Director Robin Ostlund wins the Palme d’Or for his film No Filter.

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10:31 PM : Our comrades from franceinfo Culture have just published a comprehensive summary of the winners of the Cannes Film Festival.


10:14 pm Here are the winners of this 75th edition of Festival_Cannes! 🎬

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10:13 pm : If you’re stuck near the Stade de France and missed the Cannes concert, here’s the winners’ summary.

10:10 PM : so far. The list of awards is not followed by the general public, and a number of Cannes co-directors are mysterious strangers in the United States. I talked about it at length in my paper on the strained relations between Cannes and Hollywood, which was published at the beginning of the two weeks.

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10:08 PM : Hey, can you tell us how the Hollywood movie world views the Cannes Film Festival? Thank you for your work

10:08 PM : Several joint awards, a movie kiss, a golden palm that comes (again) to reward social ridicule. This 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival will have some wonderful surprises. To create your award list, all you have to do is watch these films, some of which are coming soon. For me, it’s time to lower the curtain. Good evening to you!

10:01 PM : Thank you for your words that go straight to my heart. This battle is what opened my eyes, and I hope to share it with many people. That is why I am running for office today. Thanks. #Cannes Festival 2020

10:01 PM : The baker from Besançon, who was praised by the Dardenne brothers in a letter thanking them for their award, responds on Twitter.

9:55 pm : Square It was already a mistake…not twice please…

9:55 pm : Not the kind that would bring audiences back to the cinema! Perhaps we should take into account the tastes of real people!

9:55 pm : @not shiny Our journalist, Jackie Burnett, was thirsty for this movie. In his review, he laments The shortcomings of a somewhat simplistic approach to the class struggle have been updated by a talented director and nothing provocative, of course, except with predictable rhetoric.

9:54 pm : Could you give us the Palme d’Or, please?

9:53 PM : I’ve loved The Square for five years. Congratulations to Ostlund for this great award!

9:53 PM : No more searching for that graph (the related article can be found here).

9:51 pm : This list is still very masculine 🙄

9:49 pm : Congratulations to Robin Ostlund on his golden comfort! I’ve always loved his movies

9:49 pm : Two films in a row. Two palms. Haneke Ostlund level # cannes2022

9:47 PM The Palme d’Or for the Triangle of Sorrow (no filter) directed by Robin Ostlund.

#Cannes 2020 #Palmares #Awards #PalmedOr #TRIANGLEOFSADNESS –

The Palme d’Or winner is Robin Ostlund for the Triangle of Grief!

9:49 pm : the film sadness triangle (without filterin VF) Swedish Ruben Östlund He won the Palme d’Or. The latter had already received it in 2017 for Square.

9:43 pm Deeply moved, Belgian director Lucas Dönt, 31, has reclaimed his Grand Prix award in the presence of one of its representatives CloseHis winning movie. At the age of 15, young Aiden Umbrian played here in his first movie.

9:43 pm : Tweet embed Indeed, one gets the impression that he is diluting the list of awards. Note that ringworm hasn’t been shared since 1993, and it would be a thunderbolt if it were.

9:41 PM : With the palmes d’honneur we get 7 “extra” prizes for 9 naturally, which no longer have any value, the jury who did not know how to make a decision were not held or the performances are too weak … Frémaux continues to bury the festival . ..

9:37 pm : The grand prize is shared between two films, Close From Lukas Dhont, who made a strong impression yesterday, and stars at noon by Claire Dennis, which received an even more mixed reception.

9:34 PM : Small awards list point, the jury awarded several ex-aequo awards to reward the maximum number of films, it’s not the spirit of the tight awards list that Gilles Jacob wanted at the time. It’s a two-part second prize that, in addition to the special bonus, almost looks like a fan school where (almost) everyone wins.

9:29 pm Korean director Park Chan-wook wins Best Director for decision to leave. It is (predictably) a triumph for Korean cinema.

9:27 PM : During their award speech, the Belgian directors saluted a baker from Besançon who has gone on a hunger strike to get a legal settlement for his undocumented employee. He is now a legislative candidate.

9:26 pm : The Dardenne Brothers, regulars at Cannes, won the prize at the 75th Festival Tori and LukitaExceptional reward. There is no third palm for the Belgian duo.

9:23 PM : A fun moment at the party, when the Egyptian director Tarek Saleh asked the audience to take a picture. We are now waiting for him to post it on social networks 😉

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9:22 pm : The other film chosen by the jury by the jury is 8 mountains By Charlotte Vandermerch and Felix van Groningen. A story of friendship between a child from the mountains and his friend from the city.

9:21 pm : No stupid cover but a nice joint prize from the jury EO by Jerzy Skolimowski. A movie that tells a lot about our world through the eyes of a donkey, and that humans don’t necessarily treat it well.

9:14 pm : Best Actor award goes to Song Kang-ho for his role in Kore-eda Hirokazu #Broker. A great joy for this guy is so wonderful, so accessible and so warm. This simultaneously rewards his brilliant career: #Parasite, #TheHost, #MemoriesOfMurder… #Cannes2022

9:13 pm : Maybe Song Kang Ho’s face and name tell you something. was on the bill parasiteor other cool korean products like crazy western The good, the bad and the crazywhich I highly recommend!

9:12 PM : Best Actor Award goes to South Korean actor Song Kang-Ho for his role in the movie brokerDirected by Kore Ida Hirokazu.

9:03 pm : Iranian actress Zar Amir Ebrahimi wins Best Actress award for her role in a movie Mashhad nights.

9:02 pm : He was keen to congratulate his jury, which he described with pleasure “generous”. Find Vincent Lyndon’s opening speech.

9:00 pm. : Hahahaha We are isolating the video for you so those who got stuck in front of a leg of flageolets can see it 😉

8:59 pm : What a wonderful boss! Touching and realistic opening and closing words! Well done Mr. Lyndon!

8:56 pm : They are the ones who decided the winners tonight. The members of the jury had just entered the stage, and their president, actor Vincent Lyndon, followed.

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8:48 pm : It’s Camera d’or turn to be awarded. and this is war dowry Which delights this award, is a social story carried by director Gina Gammell.

8:45 pm : Tweet embed I have a blue checkered shirt with rolled up sleeves for the cutest effect. We’re dressed up to bring the news with you, you know 😉 but hats off to Rossi de Palma for her daring costume design 😉

8:45 pm : Rosie is wearing a thatched hut.. she’s gorgeous!!

8:43 pm : To start the party this is the short film water puffs Who received the Palme d’Or in this category. An almost wonderful poetic story by Chinese director Jiangyin Chen.

8:33 pm : If you don’t announce closing as a golden palm, I’m crying

8:47 PM : Let’s go to the awards ceremony (looks like we shouldn’t say closing ceremony). Virginie Evira as the Lady of Celebrations on the red carpet, Pierre-Louis Caron is her counterpart in this live broadcast 😉

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8:28 pm : Good evening @ gl74The date will be set in a few minutes from 8:30 pm France 2 to follow the concert live. Nothing is stopping you from keeping this Live open by your side, for an experience worthy of the best cinemas.

8:23 pm : What is the date of the concert? Not climbing degrees on France TV?

8:22 pm : If you haven’t really followed the festival news, as there were 21 films in competition this year, here are some that could stand out. Unlike football, I will be careful not to make predictions for tonight.

8:06 pm : Good evening, Peter! So, it’s just a jacket, but it’s the intent that counts, apparently. Anyway, I can’t wait to find out with you the winners of this 2022 edition, which promises to be strong, based on my wishlist.

8:04 pm : He wore the most beautiful tuxedo to accompany me on this live broadcast. It’s named after Pierre-Louis Caron, who puts up his palm to try to set his hair every morning. And with him we will live the festival awards ceremony, which begins in a few minutes.

8:04 pm : We are evaluating the news on a sunny Saturday evening.

They will not leave empty handed this time. After a losing streak in the finals, La Rochelle won the European Rugby Cup by dominating the Irish candidate from Leinster (24-21).

Who will win the Palme d’Or? The jury will reveal the winners within 40 minutes and follow them live here. In the meantime, you can read our behind-the-scenes investigation of the Cannes jury.

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