Women’s liberation also involves hairdressing

The natural afro hairstyle, ball to scratch or ponytail is not reduced to aesthetic movements. They can also be real tools for women’s liberation. Haircuts on women and gender minorities are really ways to break the normative norms of femininity. Zoom in on some of the hairstyles that have advanced the history of social movements and feminism in particular.

The story of the square twentieth century

Guided by the voices of the Mother Order, Joan of Arc in modern times has revealed itself In the art world of the twenties, proudly displays a short, sleek or toothed bob. In this context of the Roaring Twenties, the Polish and avant-garde Anthony Serblikowski popularized bob hairstyleand design stars such as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and actress Greta Garbo as well as Coco Chanel.

this is Cut “boyish”, strict and lightIt gives the atmosphere of a strong and independent woman. This continued to seduce the great influences of the century: Louise Brooks, Edith Piaf, Brigitte Bardot, via actresses Marlene Dietrich, artist and resistance fighter Josephine Baker, or even spy Mata Hari.

Today this cut It is constantly renewedbut we always associate the classics bob hairstyle she has New Wave movie actresses Like Anna Karina and Jeanne Moreau or even Amélie Poulain, Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) and Winona Ryder.

natural afro hairstyle

The poetic movement advocating the afro hairstyle, He was born in the United States in the sixtiesis also the beginning of the ‘nappy’ movement – a ‘normal’ and ‘happy’ contraction – which Frees afro hair from smoothing, braiding and other weaving. Some of one’s techniques can actually be dangerous for black women.

This is why, among other things, the term “nappy” refers to all the empowerment of a woman who leaves her hair frizzy, frizzy, or frizzy. Being Nappy like this Be proud of their origins and identity. Martinique sociologist Juliette Smeralda explains in this sense:

“Straightening your hair is to show your ability to become a subject that socially adapts (…) to the Western model.”

The ban on showing Afro hair goes back to the history of slavery. But she’s in Harlem with Run “Black is beautiful” (1962) That the demands were heard. was her symbol Black fist comb. The emergence of the Black Panther Party also played a role in the 1970s, especially with Avatar of the Afro-Feminist Angela Davis. She proudly wore her Afro story with the other party members, for Show their refusal to comply with the white rules.

Then Characters like Aretha Franklin and Diana RossDonna Summer and Whitney Houston helped change mindsets. in spite of that, Natural Afro hair is still not acceptable across the board. One thinks in particular of the Western world of work, cinema, etc. Diaper movement logos Keep fighting for Afro’s prideActress Aïssa Maïga, writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, presenter Oprah Winfrey, Solange Knowles and many more.

Zero ball

Going back to ancient times, we find that Shaving the heads of Egyptian women It was a requirement to wear a wig and model of elegance. During the witch hunt in Salem, the skulls of these women were shaved so that the men could search for the “witch mark”. After World War II, this haircut continued An instrument of humiliation especially for women, and those accused of “horizontal cooperation” with the German enemy. It was fragmented in public, and displayed on the streets of Paris.

ball zero Claiming freedom to liberate female beauty icons will come later. Getting rid of her hair as a woman continues to this day quite often Doubt in the eyes of society. think about Britney Spears The one famous on February 16, 2007, when she shaved her head under the gaze of the paparazzi and hysterically exaggerated her work as a hysterical frenzy. As journalist Clementine Goliath wrote for Liberation magazine, Women with shaved heads represented in the feature film ‘Marginal Heroines’ : doomed, skinheaded or dying.”

Get rid of your femininity symbols to reveal yourself, this is reprehensible. Skene, the leader of the ’90s British-rock group Skunk Anancy, which exuded a supposed rebel, has worn the Zero Ball with pride throughout her career. Later, the actress Rose McGowan epitomized women’s resolve and rebellion, by announcing the attacks by Harvey Weinstein. I wrote in ID magazine:

Shaving my head was a battle cry to me.

Ponytail: the model girl repurposed

Originally according to iD fashion magazine, this hairstyle Already appeared in ancient Greeceand became famous in the twentieth century for Femininity slogans like Barbie by Mattel or Audrey Hepburn.

For the BBC, the ponytail with Madonna become “synonymous with women’s empowerment”In the ’90s by singing songs with sexist lyrics like “Like A Virgin,” the singer adopted the look of a typical young girl, especially with her hairstyle.

Later, we will find this hairstyle in manyGirl Power Artists, like Arianna Grande, the Spice Girls, or even the punk singer of Riot Grrrl! By wearing these childish looks, they Shedding light on the sexualization of young girls in the patriarchy. From innocence to provocation.

Long or short, colored or natural, connected or separated … it finally shows itself as it is. Did you know that shaving has this feminine side? Did it make you want a new haircut? Come and discuss it in our forum!

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