Tomorrow ours: Vanessa is about to kill Victoire!

Vanessa wants to kill Victoire tomorrow is ours. She thinks George still loves her. will you die We tell you everything.

Vanessa continues to kill her victims, tomorrow belongs to us. We now know that he is indeed a Mercier imitator. Currently, the young woman is jealous of Victoire. She thinks George still loves her.

Vanessa tries to kill Victoire

A few days ago Victoire was kidnapped by Vanessa Tomorrow belongs to us. In fact, the young woman is jealous because she thinks That George still loves her. So I decided to kill her to get rid of her.

Additionally, Victoire suffers from heart problems. So, even a single drop of the product can be fatal for him. Samuel is worried. For her part, Vanessa treated the hostage well. So she compared it With Louise who killed her too.

We learned that recently Vanessa was already a copycat Mercier. And the light is coming. Growing suspicion of George ones. In his spoon’s lair, he found a notebook All information about the victims.

in spoiler video From our tomorrow we can see Victoire tied to a chair. Vanessa put on her apron. She cooks beautiful wedding puffs and sings the famous music you hear all the time in church.

While cooking the pastries, Victoire promised Vanessa that there was nothing left between her and George. But the president does not believe her. She saw them in each other’s arms. For her, there are still feelings. Especially since he doesn’t want to marry her!

Tomorrow ours: Vanessa is about to kill Victoire!

Tomorrow ours: George shoots his girlfriend

For a while we wondered if Vanessa won’t kill George. But in the end, the latter really likes it. if she is I decided instead to kill Victoire to eliminate its competitor. Without mercy of course!

But the young woman reminds him that George is very shy. That was why he definitely did not want to marry her. Vanessa grabs his hair wildly and forbids him to speak ill of him.

Chef Victoire is forced to eat her pastries. But she doesn’t want to. So, upset, the serial killer decides to go and take the syringe to finish her off. But the situation is reversed. In fact, Victoire manages to break up.

She jumps on Vanessa and tries to take the syringe out of her hands. At this moment, the police arrived. Then she threatened to plant the syringe and kill her hostage. George is there. he is He tries to convince his partner to stop everything.

But she doesn’t want to. She told him he never loved her. George tells him that tomorrow is the opposite for us. Until he tells her that he still loves her. But his girlfriend doesn’t believe him, she’ll kill Victoire Then George shot her. She ended up collapsing, and hit in the stomach. case to follow.

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