The Voice: The winner Noor gives the news of Florent Bagni!

The Voice fans are concerned about Florent Pagny’s health condition. So Nour decided to reveal the news of his coach.

It’s no secret that Florent Bagni is currently battling cancer. Thus, does not decide Give news to the coach of The Voice. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Florent Bagni fights cancer

Already last January, Florent Bagni suffers from lung cancer. While broadcasting The Voice on TF1, the coach decided to be very transparent. In a video posted on social media, he thus explained the details of his illness.

In fact, Florent Bagni immediately warned viewers. It must be said that the latter has just started chemotherapy sessions and that his appearance will change very quickly. That’s why The Voice coach wanted to do it He gives news and reassures his fans. What relieves Internet users of that. Phew!

Moreover, on Saturday 7 May, TF1 viewers were able to discover the new look of the coach. Turning in his big red chair, coach I decided to show some humor with Nikos. And yes, live, translated “You know how to love” captured: These chemicals, a little hair loss. but it’s okay. This does not prevent us from keeping fit and looking good. »

Even if Florent Bagni decided to continue the adventure of The Voice, the coach has since preferred to be more conservative. So give us some news. MCE TV tells you more!

He does not give news to the coach of The Voice

Last Saturday, fans of The Voice were able to attend the Grand Final. Nour also managed to win. For his coach, Florent Bagni, the evening seemed rich in emotion. In fact, the latter showed himself to the angels by discovering the results. It must be said that he worked hard with the young lady.

Even if Florent Bagni wants to take on the adventure of The Voice, the coach must take some time for it. In fact, in an interview with Gala, the latter made it clear that he wants Take a break to heals.

But do not panic, in an interview with Gala, Nour wanted to give news about Florent Bagni. Indeed, the singer returned to her journey on the show and revealed her relationship with the coach. To delight the most curious Internet users!

Indeed, The Voice winner confided: “we laughed a lot, We have a really good bond I think this is important. He is an incredible and very brave man. » Furthermore, you didn’t forget to select it “A very close bond.”

Regarding the news of Florent Bagni, Nour admitted: ” He is a little tired. I was a bit worried about seeing him again without hair or a beard… But he’s doing well, he’s smiling. Even if it’s hard, he shows his bravery and that’s something that fascinates me about him. »

One thing is for sure, Florent Bagni isn’t done talking about it. Fans of The Voice should just be prepared. Follow.

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