Mainvilliers: Husband, Father, Family Executioner

They met at a very young age. He had just come of age. She was 15 years old. It was the first love of his life. When they married in the early 2000s, she was far from imagining he would become her executioner.

In 2016, she filed a complaint against him for violence, before changing her mind. Just a reminder of the law punishing his behavior. New complaint in 2020. This time it will only be subject to a penalty order.

Both times, when the police heard him, Mainvillois apologized, acknowledging that these actions were “unforgivable” and that he understood their seriousness. “I’ll never do it again,” the 44-year-old swore. But he started again. usually.

Singer Jean-Luc Hague, suspected of raping minors, has been released and placed under judicial supervision.

On February 16, his wife filed a complaint again. “He constantly belittles and insults me in front of our daughters. He is also violent with them. At the session, she recounts a particularly violent scene, when he learns that one of her daughters, who is a teenager, has a boyfriend. He would threaten her.” What are you looking for? Until I broke you. »


The woman recounts her ordeal of slaps, punches and kicks. One day, she decided to leave the matrimonial home, which did not suit her husband’s taste. Knowing his possible reaction, I noticed a phone conversation by the recorder:

“If I lay my hand on you, you’ll see! I’ll hunt you down like a dog. If you leave here with the police, I hope they keep me forever!”

The police will hear it. Pending further legal action, his wife is under a protective order. He should not deal with her and her children.

A prohibition that takes the initiative to circumvent it deserves to withdraw his judicial control and place him in detention.

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The man was not only insulting his wife and children, but also was unfaithful. During the investigation, the police overheard two of his mistresses. They were also victims of his mood swings. Someone received this message: “With someone like you, I can deal blows. Death! Such a relationship. »

“Exactly the same excuses in 2016 and 2020”

Before the court of Chartres, he was far from the image of the domestic tyrant described by his wife and daughters. Not tall, graying hair and glasses on his nose, he presents the man well. “I apologize to them. I don’t think I have lived up to what they expected of me,” he said. “I realized I had gone too far. I tried to fight the ancient demons. I misunderstood. »

“He made the exact same excuses in 2016 and 2020,” said May Beren Chabosch, the mother of the family’s attorney. “For him, manipulation and lying are a way of life. He was endowed with absolute power. Demons do not justify anything. I do not take advantage of his word.”

The psychological expert who examined the father of the family is on the same line. He noted in his report: “He is victimizing himself and has tried to intimidate me.”

The prosecutor adds: “It is deeply rooted in violence. She claims she was imprisoned for four years, including three years with an arrest warrant.

“Maybe we missed the boat in 2016 and 2020” Xavier Toure laments me in defence. But these requests are heavy artillery fire. They sign a civil, family and professional death. »

The man was sentenced to three years in prison, including 18 months. He is being held in custody.

Jack Guanopoulos
Twitter: @jjoann-lecho

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