Long hair: very long ends

Achieving your hair length goal requires patience! If you don’t have any, don’t get me wrong, we have the thumb reinforcements. Your hair will thank you! Hot in the front and we have long hair!

Long hair: essential things to know

Arm yourself with patience to grow your hair! Not really an option when you have a goal in mind but there are tricks that help us reach our goal faster. To get started, you have to know They usually grow from 0.6 cm to 1.3 cm per month‘, explains star hairstylist Mark Townsend with the American version of Cosmopolitan. But that growth still depends on certain criteria: And they only grow well if they are healthy and don’t have split ends‘, adds the hair expert. To reach mermaid lengths, just apply a few gestures and we’ve got the hair of your dreams!

Long hair: all tips to stimulate growth

Hair products, nutritional supplements, or grandma’s tricks, there are so many growth-promoting options! Take a look at the tricks that work every time!

Long hair: cut the ends

Damaged ends can quickly stop hair growth. Hair is older at the ends and therefore more prone to breakage. So it should be cut every 10 to 12 weeks. Mark Townsend explains: If your hair has a tendency to split ends, it will end up breaking more often than if you cut it »

Long hair: use conditioner

Hair needs nourishment to maintain its good health and thus to grow properly. The conditioner will provide them with proteins and thus will promote their growth. Additionally, we tend to subject our hair to a number of things, including exposure to heat or dyes. ” I’m always amazed at how many women skip conditioning when they shower, the professional continues. It’s the worst thing you can do for hair, especially if you’re looking to go long. This is actually the shampoo you should skip as much as possibleThe star hairstylist was surprised.

Long hair: use natural oils

Of a certain length, the hair takes a few years to head … Since they are no longer young, a simple conditioner is not enough for them! For them to be healthy, a little natural oil is not necessary for them. Mark Townsend advises making a natural oil mask that will benefit them the most. She called it? 1 cup unrefined coconut oil, 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil, 1 macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil. Apply this mixture to damp hair and leave it to rest for 10 minutes before using your shampoo and conditioner. You will be addicted to it!

Long hair: take nutritional supplements

A balanced diet helps provide the body with a number of vitamins, but not enough. To improve hair growth, nutritional supplements will provide the necessary elements for hair growth. Mark Townsend says: I take a multivitamin supplement every day. I tell my clients to do the same, especially if they want to lengthen their hair and make it healthier. »

Long hair: use a hat and/or a silk pillowcase

Hair is a fickle creature! Needs to be pampered and tends to curl into the softness of silk. Is cotton somewhat stiff other than silk and the result? There will be less rubbing of the hair between them when they are in contact with the satin fabric. And when you wake up, you’ll wake up with smoother, less brittle, and less tangled hair.

Long hair: use a microfiber towel

We all do it! To dry your hair, wrap it in a lambda towel. danger? ” It causes a lot of rest periods. Your hair is trapped in the fibers of the cloth. Most women always press the towel very hard against their head. All that brittle little hair near your face will be more prone to breakage”, explains the hair expert. To avoid this mistake, it is best to choose a microfiber towel and the hair is protected and we avoid breakage!

Long hair: use cold water

The goal of this movement is to keep the hair healthy for as long as possible. According to Mark Townsend It doesn’t really help the hair grow faster, but it will help it stay healthy for longer. Cold water helps prevent dry hair, frizz, and heat damage. Just run it under cold water for a few seconds. This step can make a big difference over time. “Observe the most careful, you have to go!

Long hair: massage the scalp regularly

In addition to providing a moment of absolute luxury, this gesture will help boost circulation. After a good meal, you will have to relax and nothing like a good head massage. Every day for 3 minutes or if you don’t have time, 5 minutes twice a week. All you need is to make gentle, circular motions. To achieve impeccable efficiency, simply follow the blood circulation … from the neck to the forehead and from the ears to the top of the head! Thus, hair growth will be stimulated by the oxygen and nutrition provided to the hair follicles…

We have all the cards on hand to look pretty with the wind in your hair!

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