In 2030, this is what our working day in the metaverse could look like

In the summer of 2030, Paris became a furnace. Mercury reached the 50-degree threshold the other day. sad record. Leah panted. This millennial mom, who’s now 30, somehow ventilates in her two-piece Haussmann home.

The guilty pleasure of the moment? Going to work two or even three times (!) a week in the air-conditioned offices of Savah, the international advertising agency I hired a year ago. Regardless of the peak temperatures, the young collaborator goes there at best once a week for a “team review” on Fridays, as a face-to-face interview is still highly recommended here.

This Thursday morning, Leah is tormented. The political climate, too, has become so heavy in recent months, that the deputies came the day before within the same circle of blood! Recent debate on the metaverses framework, which includes both legal protections for users and an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint (which has doubled in eight years to 8% of CO2 emissions)2). Yes, but how can we do without metaverbs now that so much of the economy, job creation and… our daily lives depend on it?

Other dragons and rhinos are told to go on their way

Directorate of Token Resources (DRA)

The topic is discussed up to the “cold room,” the hangout for Savah’s staff where Leah comments on the recent political clashes with her colleagues. Or rather, with their avatars. We’re in Cityverse, the virtual business district, where big companies and other startups (that you can afford) have set up shop. His agency invested in a nice spacious building four years ago. He’s far from fully occupied, much to the chagrin of the agency’s directors, who realize they may have been dreaming a little big.

Enlarged avatars

Well, we’re done talking about politics. We have to get back to work, Léa is waiting for an important meeting. On her way to her conference room, the thirty-year-old smiles again when the art director with very confident flair notices the new accessory she’s given herself to “pimp” her avatar.

In addition to smooth skin, tan skin (365 days a year), and lustrous, delicately styled hair (thanks to 4K resolution and incredible accuracy), I fell in love on Sunday for Olivier Teingrous’s latest pair of jeans in front of it all. Virtual token shoppers are swoon and NFTs are selling like hot cakes. This is despite its price tag of 0.5 ether, or a quarter of its salary. Ouch! Fortunately, his metaverse package provided by his Business Council (CE) made it possible to cut the score in half.

Additionally, his agency, Savah, is not very particular about the dress code. Only “idiot” avatars are prohibited. Other dragons and rhinos are told to go their own way.According to the Avatar Resource Management (DRA).

Incidentally, Léa is not unhappy with the benefits offered by her new employer (she’s changing the last one, a startup that makes NFTs from nuclear power plants to power the metaverse). Well, his salary is not astronomical, but the preferential rates negotiated by his Business Council for the purchase of NFTs (entry tickets, concert tickets, etc.) make a difference.

It also values ​​governance tokens distributed to all employees, which allow them to “vote” on the decisions the company makes: choice of service providers, responsible policy, expansion (or not) in the metaverse…

immersive meeting

Quick, it’s time. Léa goes to a meeting with one of the agency’s biggest clients: Ranel, a ready-to-wear brand looking to rise to the occasion. Recent edits before the launch of the new multimedia campaign for an ephemeral briefcase. Léa hopes to create a buzz, particularly in Lalaland, the emerging metaverse where brands are beginning to flock to make a name for themselves.

In contrast, there are many Ranel Communications Managers based in London, New York, Lisbon and Berlin. No more planes and hours lost on business trips. Virtual reality glasses are enough. Designers and graphic artists have worked hard to develop the 3D storyboard.

Léa also wonders how the creators were able to spend almost an entire day with this helmet on their face. Even if we go far back in the matter, the young woman pretty much prefers augmented reality glasses. Much lighter. And holograms, it’s really good to “pimp” PowerPoint (yes, it resists).

But the chiefs insisted on making this show in complete immersion. The goal: To impress the customer with a VR headset and a haptic jacket filled with sensors to feel vibrations, sounds, touch and smells. As if we were there.

Happy customers. Everything went well. Leah greets everyone and separates. Back to the truth. Immediately, the cab is 5 m2 Dedicated to diving. Savah has done her best: There are some in every corner of the company.

It is noon and the young woman needs 5 minutes of meditation before resuming her cycle of day. His brain is still struggling to get used to sessions of two hours, sometimes more, in complete immersion. A lunch break and a “normal” afternoon from work in the real world await him.

integration memories

Monday. After a week of warming, the temperature finally gets warmer. To breathe, Leah decides to go to her parents’ house in Birch for the weekend. With the spread of remote work, employees tired of stifling big cities are becoming more mobile, and rural areas are gradually being repopulated. The latest INSEE study reports a 35% reduction in the capital’s population density in less than ten years!

In The Last Day of the Week: An Hour in the Cityverse. HRD and DRA offered her and about two dozen other employees to talk about their profession and the company to new employees. This integration day, which is organized once every three months, is a good baby. The enthusiasm of the newcomers is contagious. Leah accepted with pleasure.

Standing in front of her are about thirty new recruits from France and elsewhere. Above each of the avatars, Léa notes a small “newbie” (“newbie”). He mentions it for the first time in the Cityverse. I have known about other metaverses, but they were not as prestigious as this one.

In the interview, I was impressed by the 3.0’s plush desks. At the entrance the agency’s finest campaigns were presented digitally. The open spaces, upstairs, are each decorated by an artist, graffiti artist, influential in the metaverse with whom Savah has worked. Most impressive? Upstairs and its fifteen rooms dedicated to community clubs for employees: reading, gay, rugby, gardening, video games, cinema… Amazing effect guaranteed!

deserted gray towers

This visit convinced her, that she came there, with a digital wallet for the last checks. The opportunity to present his avatar and various certificates on the blockchain: diplomas, ID, driver’s license, English level, recommendations from previous employers.

The younger ones standing in front of her look less admiring, and more tender than when she started. She tells herself that she is getting old. It is already time to let them go. This afternoon, she was having lunch with her father, a now retired former CAC 40 CEO, who has spent a good part of his life in a very real business district, but now looks more like deserted gray spiers than a city in turmoil. .

On the menu: sausages from short circuits, mashed vegetables from the garden and … metaphysical reflections. Yan, her father, often observes his daughter running in 3.0 mode. He remembers his beginnings without the Internet, whether the first, second or third generation, and where we used to communicate by fax. another century.

After three days of working remotely, Leah returned to the capital. She is energetic and spends Thursday … 2010. In other words: in her office, in her company in Clichy, behind a computer.

“summer party”

Each new technology creates its share of frustrations and fractures. They are generational, cultural, economic. Feelings that Léa herself began to absorb, especially during subsequent works organized in the metaverse, where young people mainly respond to the call.

Tomorrow is exactly Savah’s big annual ‘Summer Party’ with all the teams and clients. The management hesitated to organize the event in Riga, where it had just opened a new office, and thus face to face. It was considered more economical to make everything into the metaverse. So is Rebelote for Léa, who calls Cityverse after her day on telecommuting on Friday.

Champagne (default) flowing. DJ Punk mixes on decks

In a rather cheerful mood, she displays cheerful smileys above her avatar. In 2030, the world of work leaves more room for emotions. Employees no longer hesitate to express their dissatisfaction, sadness, or joy. Even if the default becomes more and more accurate, it remains difficult to discern the exact features of the face and above all, emotions.

Champagne (default) flowing. DJ Punk mixes on turntables. Entrants can win unique NFT samples of the artist against certain challenges. Léa allowed herself to be taken on the 3.0 version of Darts. OK. You move from group to group in search of a stimulating conversation.

controversy escalates

“Metaphors go too far”, picks up in the distance, in her helmet. The young woman approaches the energetic conversation led by Samuel and Maya, two IT consultants. Maya places a hand on her shoulder to incorporate her into the small circle, Leah receives a stimulator in her helmet.

topic of discussions? A report seen on a streaming platform of protest movements proliferating by some measure. He points out the commercial excesses and the harmful effects on the younger ones, fascinated by the dream but the artificial life that is sold to them, the risk of a society stunned by all that is digital, not forgetting the topic of creators’ wages, always relevant. As is often the case, evening discussions are fruitless.

At 10 p.m., Leah takes off her helmet, tired. Here she lives from her living room. Suddenly you feel very lonely. As a 30-year-old woman, she decided to take a dip in Tinderworld, the dating major. Mandatory facial recognition at the entrance.

In order to look her best, and in the face of the modern fashion for “little teeth” touted by Tiktovers influencers, last week she went to the most famous cosmetic dentist in the metaverse. In exchange for (many) cryptocurrencies and after a brief analysis of his pixels, he gave her an NFT containing tiny teeth to embody him…More confident, the young woman mingles with a crowd of profiles in search of the right match. Never meet a soul mate in the Cityverse.

* This novel was created thanks to the expertise of:

– Jeremy Lamry, CEO of Tomorrow Theory and author of “Rh et Métavers” (Editions Management & Société)

– Julian Fanon, Executive Director of Talent and Accenture

– Gregory Rocher, CEO of Workadventure

– Pierre Francois Marto, Director of BCG

– Raphael Cohen, assistant at BCG

– Thibaut Genovelle, assistant at BCG

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