Here it all begins: What awaits you in Episode 410 for Monday, May 30, 2022 [SPOILERS] TV news series

In the next episode of Here It All Begins… As Constance and Landeras succumb to temptation, Anna makes a decision. At the same time, Lionel Kelly gave an ultimatum.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for an episode here The whole broadcast starts Monday night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Monday May 30th Here it all begins…

CONSTANCE AND LANDIRAS Returning to temptation

Constance left the family home and moved in with Clotilde. Early in the morning, the nurse tells her friend how hateful her husband was. After understanding, Chef Armand explains to him that jealousy can sometimes drive you crazy to the point of losing touch with reality. And specify that she is welcome in the house as long as she wants.

Later, Charlene and Theo stop by Clotilde to bring some things to their mother. After telling them she will be spending the weekend here, Constance apologizes to them for making her go through all this but Theo urges her to think about it for once instead. For her part, Charlene feels guilty. If you didn’t score them, they wouldn’t be here. However, Constance stresses that this is not all her fault and that the situation was going to explode somehow. A vision shared by Theo who stands behind his mother’s opinion. Then the nurse takes her children in her arms to give them a hug.

For his part, Teyssier is particularly awful with his students and in particular with Greg who tells him he understands that his mother has taken off the belt with such a bad son. In the face of his criticism, Enzo stated that he should not go after them due to his problems with his wife. Furious, Emmanuel replies that they are just a group of wanderers who will never get anywhere.

Meanwhile, Theo puts his head elsewhere and goes from one blunder to another in the kitchen. At worst, he trusts Celia with his fear of seeing his parents separated. Although he feels that his father deserves what is happening to him, he is anxious and can’t help but feel sorry for him. Since he doesn’t know what attitude he should take towards her, Celia assures us that he’s already doing his best.

Later, Celia finds Mahdi and Zachary in the kitchen. The young woman takes this opportunity to ask her teacher if this story doesn’t go a bit too far. President Landeras then replies that he does not have to justify himself and that what happens between him and Constance is none of anyone’s business. Taiser, who overheard their conversation, calls his colleague again to forget his wife, but the latter makes him understand that this is impossible. Emmanuel, angry and enraged, realizes that the only solution to banish Landeras once and for all is to fire him. Unfortunately, Antoine refuses to kick someone out for personal revenge.

After being warned by Zachary, Constance meets her husband in the garden and explains to him that firing the young chef is not the answer to their problems. When Constance confirms that nothing happened with Zachary, Emmanuel announces that he wants to believe her but that she must stop seeing him. The request is rejected. Taiser, injured, once again underestimates his wife.

At the end of the day, Zachary arrived at Clotilde to hear Constance. Touched by his support, the nurse approaches him to wipe his hair. Because she’s about to kiss him, Zachary stops her because he doesn’t want her to regret anything. Then Constance asks him to kiss her, which he does before she undresses.

Anais makes a decision

After spending the night at boarding school, Anis wakes up and swallows a second pill to end her pregnancy. Soon, she receives a visit from Lisandro who has come to support her. As much as regretting not being able to do more, Anis told him he hadn’t missed anything because she had been in pain since the day before. So Lisandro teases her before telling her more seriously that she has the right to stay for 48 hours and even urging her to take advantage of it. Then he shows how beautiful she is before taking her in his arms.

After a few hours, Anais joins Salome in the garden and then tells her with affection that it is over. With tears in her eyes, she collapses into the arms of her best friend and warmly thanks her for being there for her.

At the end of the day, Anis returns to her home where Lisandro takes care of her. Then take the opportunity to say thank you for doing exactly the right thing. Once they share a complicity-filled moment, Anna confides that she doesn’t want to be away from him right now. On top of that, she doesn’t really want to go to Sybarite either, let alone have a long distance relationship. However, Lisandro advises him to conduct this discussion with a clear head.

Lionel gives Kelly the ultimate

Fragments of Kelly’s leg bones do not fuse together properly. If it takes too long, it will be necessary to proceed with the bone grafting procedure. However, even with this, a young woman can limp all her life. After lecturing her to quickly take over the kitchen, the doctor asked her to rest.

Concerned for her daughter, Leticia blames her for needlessly endangering her health, then tells her she risks lifelong disability by refusing treatment. But nothing helps her, Kelly, who has no intention of repeating her first year, asks Lionel to give her his crutches. Can’t stand seeing her like this anymore, Lionel gives her an ultimatum: either get treatment or leave her!

Later, Kelly apologizes to Lionel for not having been easy lately. Almost crying, she admits that she does not want to lose him and promises to take care of herself. Lionel says with relief that it was driving him crazy to see her endangering herself like that. Then he swears that if she rests, she still has a chance to pass the exams.

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