Elizabeth Bourne sets her priorities, Russians advance in Donbass, controversies after Ovaldi’s murder … Friday News

What to remember from this Friday.


“Speed, efficiency, results” and boredom? The government rejects its line. Purchasing power, health and climate are the three elements”emergency roomElizabeth Bourne said Friday after outlining “what the government needs to address.”three wordsto his Ministers assembled at Matignon: “pSpeed, efficiency and resultsConstrained by her candidacy for legislative elections, the prime minister must limit himself to a short and vague speech on the main lines of government policy. A little sparse given the momentum marked on the left. Meanwhile, legislative elections for French living abroad have already begun.

Ukraine: Russians advance in Donbass, Zelensky speaks of genocide. Russian forces are intensifying their offensive in the Donbass, appearing to be on the verge of completing the encirclement of an important gathering in this region of eastern Ukraine, while pro-Russian separatist forces have claimed to capture the main Lyman region. After their unsuccessful attacks on Kyiv and Kharkiv at the beginning of the war, launched by Russia on February 24, Moscow’s forces concentrated their forces in eastern Ukraine, with the stated goal of complete control of the basin. – Russian separatists have been in partial control since 2014. Ukrainian President accuses Moscow of practicing a “Genocide” in eastern Ukraine. All information in our direct website.

Two days after the Texas tragedy, Ovald distributes the blame, the NRA holds its meeting. “Kimper, look, Xavier is here…” The mother points to her daughter, one of the twenty-one white crosses of the memorial built around a square fountain in the heart of Uwald: the one that bears the name of that 10-year-old boy they know so well, who was murdered. At school on Tuesday, like his teachers and almost all of his classmates. Angry residents are still shocked by the massacre committed Tuesday at the elementary school in the small town of Texas, which left 21 people dead, including 19 children, and angry residents are searching for those responsible. According to Stephen McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, police have taken a ‘bad decision’ By not quickly entering Ovaldi’s school, where the killer holed up. By chance, the powerful American gun lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA), kicked off its annual three-day conference on Friday in Houston, the same state of Texas. Under the boos of hundreds of anti-gun protesters who began to gather.

The harrowing story of a former employee of Assu 2000, who claims to have been harassed by Jack Boother. Less than a week after Jacques Bouthier was convicted and imprisoned, the actions of the leader of the Villavie (formerly Esso 2000) are still being condemned. In an interview with BFM TV, Nour (first name changed), a former employee of the company, recounts years of harassment. The young woman claims that she was expelled in November 2021, after rejecting Jack Botheer’s advances.

Matt Claude Michelet, author of the story “Des grives aux loups”. He said to himself “clerk”, The shrinkage of the writer and the farmer. Claude Michelet, author From castles to wolvesHe died on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the age of 83. The famous author, who sold several million copies, was a well-known figure in regional literature.

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Orbea General Assembly: a highly opaque transparency process. To restore its image, Orpea organizes “public meetings” for two weeks. In fact, finding the information to get there is an obstacle. Our ticket.

Why is there a shortage of mustard in France? Climate change, supply difficulty, development of the agricultural sector at half mast … mustard manufacturers must reduce their supply, even as demand increases. our answer.

The trial of the Rwandan ruler in Paris: “When I saw the bodies of children, I lost my reason.”Have you had a chance to go to Murambi since the genocide?The presiding judge kindly asks to Hildegard Capagora. “yes.‘, she answers after a period of hesitation, this woman now in her fifties who for the first time publicly recounts what she experienced in 1994. Her short hair and large glasses, she stands very straight, this Wednesday, facing the Assize Court on the thirteenth day of Laurent Bussiparotta’s trial. The former governor of Gikongoro, in southwestern Rwanda, is accused of participating in the 1994 genocide against his country’s Tutsi minority.Account of his trial.

“On Faron”, manliness to survive. In a letter addressed to the outside world – to their parents, grandparents or anyone who will listen – the teenagers from a house in Bogotá speak of their need to live by their claws, to form their identity of the “real man” (Varun) so as not to be eaten by the street. In his Cannes film, Fabian Hernandez gently tells the touching story of an androgynous Colombian teenager who plays the “real man” to save his own skin. Our review.

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