5 mistakes that make hair flat

We all dream of a shiny, voluminous mane. However, some of our daily gestures give us the opposite effect and we end up with completely flat hair! Don’t worry, this is not inevitable. But by getting rid of some bad habits, you can easily restore volume… and eliminate flat hair.

The use of ultra-nourishing care makes the hair flat

a Improper hair routine It can cause hair loss. In fact, by using treatments that are too rich, too often, you risk tiring the hair fiber. As a result, you will lose volume, especially at the root level.

This avoids the application Nourishing hair mask After every shampoo. We put a light hand on the care we use for his mane. And above all, we do not rush to the rinsing stage!

The ideal option is also to choose the right hair products for you hair type. Curly hair needs more hydration than fine hair, for example.

Not drying your hair properly will give you flat hair

Let your hair air dry It is wrong because it weakens and damages the lengths. That is why it is better to dry them with a hair dryer after each shampoo.

However, your hair dryer must be used correctly! Excessive exposure to heat will damage your hair. Over time, your hair will look dull and saggy. Don’t forget to use a file heat protection spray Dry your skin at a low temperature.

The trick to gaining size? Start by blow drying the hair upside down to loosen the roots and give volume.

The mistake that makes hair flat: the wrong haircut

The straight cuts Not ideal if you have flat hair. Keeping the hair the same length will be counterproductive if you want to increase it, as it will flatten and weigh down your tummy. Especially if you have long hair.

Then we choose a file medium length cut Or short if you have fine hair. And if you want to keep it tall, you give in to the color gamut!

Moreover, do not wait too long before going to the hairdresser. get rid of Bad tips It will restore vitality to your hair, and thus its volume. ideal? I go there every 6 to 12 weeks.

Excessive pulling of the band makes the hair flat

it’s not new, tie her hair Every day is not good for our skin health. In fact, it is not the hairstyle that is dangerous, but the way in which it is achieved. We often tend to pull our locks on a lot and our rubber bands on a lot. As a result, we damage and weaken the lengths. But not only: they are also given a flat appearance.

So we avoid another round with our sweetie, and leave our ponytail or bun looser. We also shop for ties that don’t damage the hair, like spiral elastics.

Do not use volumizing mousse to counteract the effect of flat hair

Experts have developed an ideal product to counteract the effect of flat hair: intense mousse. However, few of us use it on a daily basis.

Kérastase Thickening Mousse, 24€

This is wrong, because as its name suggests, it helps restore the volume of our mane. Provided that you use it well: we put a mousse handle in the palm of our hands and apply it to the roots, to wet hair, to loosen it. Then we comb her hair from roots to ends before drying it and voila! Be careful not to overburden your roots with the product, risking the effect of the cardboard.

You now have all the keys at hand to beat the hair of the rapabla!

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