20 Simple Hairstyle Ideas

You know us, we are natural beauty lovers in optimist body. So we are convinced that there is no need to distort curly hair to style it. On the contrary, its texture allows us to tempt all poetic fantasies! You just need to use the right products and know the effective techniques. In this article we give you all the tips. And on top of all that, we have 20 easy hair styling ideas for curly hair. Ready ladies? It will take your breath away!

How do I take care of my curly hair?

All curly-haired women know: The The ultimate secret is to moisturize daily, especially in cold to temperate climates. If they grow slower than European hair, they have a reputation for being more difficult to style. This turned out to be a mistake. Provided that of courseAdopt a proper hair-guided routine. There is no need to comply with Western beauty standards that call for straight hair and/or straight hair to be beautiful!

Wash & Go, Vanilla, Twist-Out, Flat-Out Roll, Braids, Braids Out, Hawk or Bun… Adopting a protective hairstyle is the key to beautiful and healthy hair. Not to mention the style he gives us. In fact, These hairstyles do not require heat and, therefore, attack the hair less. The fact that Caucasian hair also confirms it. Put Away Ladies Smoothing Your Hair! Indeed, thanks to protective hairstyles, No longer afraid of friction It is likely to damage and/or break the hair fiber.

If you can let your hair fall out during summer and spring, a protective hairstyle is Strict in the fall and winter, with the advent of the first cold weather. be careful, It should not be kept for a long time (15 days max), at risk of damaging the hair and scalp, both of which need breathing. On the side of care: It is recommended Go to a hairdresser who will be able to advise you on targeted treatments according to the nature of your hair. We are all different and we don’t have the same needs, even if our hair is curly.

20 hairstyles to test this fall and winter

Now that you know more about taking care of your curly hair, all you have to do is practice! Whether you do it on your own at home or in a professional afro hair salon, here you go Some hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

1 – Short Curly Wig “Los Angeles” Afro

2 – Some simple hairstyle ideas

3 – Twist And Bun

4 – long braid and pearls

5 – Double bun with loose hair

6 – African braid

7 – half ponytail

8 – Paste the braids on the back of the skull

9 – Sticky buns and braids

10 – Bantu contract or “Bantu contract”

11 – Sticky Braids and One Bun

12- The famous vanilla

13 – Twist outward

14 – Flat Outward Twisting

15 – Chunky Butterfly Luxe

16 – braids

17 – Fruc

18 – Colored scarf option

19 – Adhesive braids and ear braids

20 – Stitched Tribal Braids

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