Why are we talking about the hair loss epidemic in Belgium?

growing phenomenon

If you’re not affected by the problem, ask your pharmacist, he’ll tell you that products meant to combat hair loss have never sold well (we’re talking about a 40% increase in all of this which are capsules, vitamins, and shampoos meant to slow down the fall). What explains this sharp increase in hair loss problems in women as in men in recent times?

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To answer this question, we interviewed Anne-Marie Mercier, the expert at René Furterer in Belgium, a hair care brand, who first of all explains to us that we must distinguish between the different types of hair loss: “There’s hereditary hair loss, this one’s irreversible, it’s simply hair loss for men with alopecia. Rarely are women with this disease, even if Will Smith’s recent case brought to light this androgenetic alopecia, they remain completely isolated.” For this particular hair loss, there is nothing we can do, we can slow it down, we can improve the quality of the existing hair, but the loss is irreversible.”

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Stress or Covid?

Annemarie Mercier puts it in perspective: “The epidemic of hair loss that pharmacists and dermatologists are talking about now is ‘reactive’ hair loss.which means that it is the result of external factors: stress, fatigue, emotional trauma, or some diet that causes a deficiency “… On social networks, some even argued that hair loss was a symptom of the coronavirus. “It has not been proven, but, like all diseases, Covid weakens you, keeps you bedridden for days, often without eating and this specific weakness, linked to the stress and worrying atmosphere that has prevailed in our country, all of this largely explains the reason for the increase in hair loss. Reactive … Under the influence of these factors, the follicle weakens, the hair becomes thinner and then falls out prematurely, and we notice more sparse hair, often on the front of the skull. In most cases, taking vitamins and a healthy diet will solve the problem. A mild shampoo and specific treatments are recommended and there There are also treatments in the form of ampoules that are applied directly to the scalp and massaged that have proven effective in this type of hair loss.”

Brand hot selling 3-month treatment to reactivate growth after an episode of hair loss

Scalp: the base

Anne-Marie Mercier also explains that apart from food and supplements, it is essential to maintain a healthy scalp: “I often compare hair to a plant: you will not have a beautiful plant if your soil is unhealthy or poorly nourished, or if you do not weed or if you do not give enough water, fertilizer or light … Same for hair! Everything! It starts with the scalp.We lose an average of 80 hairs a day, this is normal, but a weak scalp will weaken more, and above all, you will have more difficulty in growing new hair.In the case of reactive fall, we must work on these two aspects: slow down the fall and revitalize regrowth.”

Three golden rules for a healthy scalp

From the height of her 20 years of experience with a hair health brand, Anne Marie Mercier defined 3 golden rules for healthy hair.

1. Always comb your hair well twice a day to remove dead hair and ventilate the scalp, and massage your scalp as quickly as possible in circular motions from the back to the front of the skull.
2. Choose a shampoo that suits your scalp, not the texture of your hair. If your hair is dry, you don’t necessarily have a dry scalp, so you risk not nourishing your scalp enough. Shampoos are selected according to the scalp, the care provided by masks or conditioners that take care of the fibers along the entire length.
3. People who have lost their hair often feel that they lose a lot when washing. It is a false impression. Do not hesitate to wash your hair regularly, because excess oil on the scalp suffocates the roots and prevents the hair from growing as it should.

Finally, if this fall continues or if you notice that you are losing more than 80-100 hairs per day, feel free to consult a dermatologist who can decide on a blood test and prescribe a more appropriate treatment.

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