The clothes that distinguished the Croisette

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Cannes (AFP) – He alone is the main protagonist of the Cannes Film Festival: the red carpet and its audience of stars who flock there every year. Fashion catch-up lessons that celebrated the 75th edition.

color block

Colorful stars: Isabelle Hubert chose green this year on the red carpet. French star Croisette stunned in her all-over jumpsuit dress, even covering the boots and hands, a Balenciaga signature emblazoned outfit.

American Viola Davis, best known for her roles in the cinema (“The Color of Feelings”) and the series “Murder”, adopted bright colors in this version: she appeared in a lemon yellow baggy dress, an apple green tuxedo or a pink jumpsuit. .

French actress Berenice Bejo starring in “Coupez!” From Michel Hazavinicius, he stood out in a fitted, embroidered fuchsia jumpsuit, and a red tulle skirt tied at the waist.

Actress Viola Davis and her husband in Cannes on May 18, 2022 Patricia de Melo Moreira AFP

Elsewhere, the Balmain house’s artistic director, Olivier Rousteing, appeared dressed in all-white, right down to his base shoes. He was wearing a large suit decorated with gold brooches.

baby bump

Played by singer and businesswoman Rihanna: Adriana Lima, for years the owner of lingerie label Victoria’s Secret – whose show was one of the highlights of Fashion Week – caused a stir on the red carpet with dresses that showed off her pregnant belly.

Supermodel Adriana Lima wears Cannes on May 18, 2022
Supermodel Adriana Lima wears Cannes on May 18, 2022 LOIC VENANCE AFP

Like Rihanna, who never stopped flaunting her belly proud throughout her pregnancy, the Brazilian model did the same at Cannes. First in a long black dress, opening only to the stomach. Then, in saffron costume, ethnic inspiration.

Each time, little or no accessories, as if the message – the message of triumphant motherhood – was just in her stomach.

Iberian singer

In a killer black women’s suit, a Hollywood star-style fuchsia evening dress or “too chic” white Bermuda shorts: Spaniard Rossi de Palma lit up the red carpet with her whimsical and sophisticated outfits.

Actress Rossi de Palma in Cannes on May 17, 2022
Actress Rossi de Palma in Cannes on May 17, 2022 Christophe Simon AFP

Favorite actress of Pedro Almodovar, 57, a member of the Golden Camera jury—which rewards the first movie—also bets on accessories to perfect her look: dark glasses, a fan, long earrings, the long trains that accompany her dresses… Nothing is left to chance.

Verse: Less is more

Like Kim Kardashian’s look? The world’s most popular French-speaking artist, Aya Nakamura, walked the red carpet for the first time in a long, tight black dress that revealed her back, evoking the dress that American star and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian, wore at the 2021 Met Gala.

French singer Aya Nakamura on May 19, 2022
French singer Aya Nakamura on May 19, 2022 Antonin Thuiler AFP

the difference ? If Kanye West’s ex-husband appears with her face completely covered, then the interpreter of “Dadja” was he, dressed in an elegant bun, following the letter principle: “less is more.”

Deepika: Bollywood Glam

Ranked by Time magazine in 2018 among the 100 most influential people in the world, Indian actress Deepika Padukone, 36, is the member of the jury who stands out as the winner of the Palme d’Or for style.

Indian Actress Deepika Padukone on May 25, 2022
Indian Actress Deepika Padukone on May 25, 2022 Christophe Simon AFP

His brand? Gorgeous colorful dresses, often covered with bunting. Like her gorgeous stainless-steel orange dress with green earrings. But above all else, Deepika Padukone is the queen of accessories: hair bands, mega earrings, necklaces…

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