PHOTOS- Like Kate Middleton and Alicia Vikander, they adopted sleek and flat hair, the trendy hairstyle for summer 2022

Red carpets, catwalks, social networks… Sleek back hair is the simple yet elegant hairstyle that has everyone on the mind. Decoding and expert advice for the modern look of Summer 2022.

Smooth, sleek hair behind the ears It’s part of the unforgettable summer 2022 looks, red carpets, and social events of the day. Kate Middleton, Iris Mittenaere, Penelope Cruz, Letizia from Spain … They all fall in love with this feminine and trendy hairstyle. A graphic look that reminds you of sleek hair, which is a big trend in the years 2020-2021 as hair has been brought back and brought back.

The 2022 edition consists of flattening the two clasps that surround the face and passing them just behind the ears. The rest of the hair is smoothed and left free. A simple hairstyle that has the advantage of cleaning the face without having to tie them up, Decoding Claudia Zuko, Dessange’s Cutting and Binding Expert. What’s so pretty about this urban mermaid look It’s the contrast between the flat effect of the sides and the texture of the hair in the back”.

© Dominic Jakovides / PESTIMAGEAlicia Vikander’s hair was straightened and straightened at Cannes 2022

> All the stars who really fell for sleek and flat hair in 2022

How do you get a soft and flat hairstyle behind the ears?

It’s an easy look to reproduce, but you should know a few tips before you get started. After washing your hair and applying the thermal effective protective spray, blow dry it with a blow dryer. “Ideally use a boar bristle brush that is easy to tame thick hair and brings out the hair’s shine”, Claudia Zuko recommends. Finish with a straightener to smooth out all the frizz and add more shine. Then draw a line – in the middle or on the side according to your desires Using a wide tooth comb. Its depth should be about 6 cm (from the top of the forehead to the middle of the hair). From the end of the parting, now part from ear to ear. This way you get two strips of hair at the front of the face. Isolate the rest of the hair with pliers.

This is where it all happens: applying a styling product, such as gel or wax, On the two locks to be ironed. Distribute the substance well from root to tip. Spread the two parts behind the ears and gather everything at the bottom of the neck with a small transparent piece of rubber. This gives you a cool bandeau effect that won’t budge. Is your hair too short to tie it this way? “Just cheat a little, Expert recommend At the time of the ear-to-ear separation, do not suffice with the locks that surround the face, but also remove the hair from the back of the neck so that you can fix it behind the head.” Finish by applying a little anti-frizz treatment or a straightener to the strands of hair: “The idea is to provide a glossy and reflective effect”.

> All the stars who really fell for sleek and flat hair in 2022

Smooth and flat hair: is this hairstyle for everyone?

All face shapes and hair colors can enjoy experimenting with this hairstyle. Know that it has an indisputable effect: facial highlighting. “You definitely have to play behind you with elegant makeup, emphasizing the eyes or the lips. Not forgetting the outfit, which goes with the ultra-modern look of the hairstyle.”

Do you necessarily have to have long or even very long hair to embrace this trend? of course no ! As you can see in the slideshow above, the result is sleek and elegant on long square hair or medium length hair.

One caveat: If you’re a fan of coloring, know that this hairstyle brings out the roots. So it’s best if your last visit to the colorant is recent if you don’t like the effect of regrowth. Thanks to Claudia Zucco, Cutting & Binding Expert at Dessange.

> All the stars who really fell for sleek, flat hair in 2022


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