Olympic Champion Ahn San molested online because of her short hair

South Korea’s Ahn San won three Olympic gold medals in shooting in Tokyo. But while she has made her country shine in the best possible way, she has been the victim of online harassment from people who see her short haircut as making her a feminist.

Due to her short hair, Ahn San, a three-time Olympic champion of South Korea in Tokyo, has been the target of brutal online attacks. has an error? A look that makes her, according to the concerned netizens, a “feminist”. The insults are occurring, according to Reuters, in the context of rising anti-feminist sentiment among South Korean youth. “The growing hostility towards feminism and public policies aimed at promoting women’s rights has become a hot topic in South Korea,” the agency wrote. The Korea Herald explains that online men’s groups have recently attacked many celebrities who have spoken out in favor of women’s rights, believing that they are being treated unfairly through egalitarian policies.

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However, at the age of 20, the young girl made her country shine in the most beautiful way this week in archery, one of the country’s leading sports, by becoming the first archer to win three gold medals during the same games. But his athletic success couldn’t save him from hurtful remarks and online harassment, to the point where his coach asked reporters after one of his matches to only ask him questions related to the sport and not anything to do with controversy.

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Motivated by gender-based and gender-biased violence, netizens contacted the archery association directly to demand that their medals be withdrawn. Another argument made by these online groups to prove the vicious feminism of young Rami Archer is the fact that she is a student at a women-only university. They also searched her Instagram for old posts where she allegedly used “feminist expressions,” according to the Korea Times. When a user asked her about her famous short haircut, she explained that it was “more practical.” But that did not convince the army of “trolls” who flooded his social networks with hate messages.

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Then an online campaign was launched to defend it on social networks. Several letters were also sent to the federation reminding him to protect his athletes. “Ann has been the victim of senseless assaults just because her hair is short. Having short or long hair is a personal choice. The organization must respond forcefully against those who insult her on the Internet,” is it written in a letter shared by the Corian Times. Many figures in the world of entertainment and politics have also shown their support for the little girl. Opposition Progressive Justice Party actress Ryu Ho-jeong shared a photo of her when her hair was shorter. “Women are tired of seeing athletes’ clothes or hair controversial. Recently I let my hair grow out after it’s been short for so long just because I wanted to. There is no feminist cover because feminists live their lives the way they want to. We don’t ask permission,” she wrote.

In a statement congratulating the recent Olympic champions of South Korea, President Moon Jae-in addressed a few words to Archer. “Behind every great individual performance is long, repetitive training and deep unity. Sometimes they have to fight high expectations and discrimination. We often focus on the outcome at the end, but there is never a single moment during the journey. I am so proud of them,” he wrote in his Twitter post.

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