Mother’s Day: 22 beauty experts share the best tips they inherited from their mothers

“My mum always wears brightly colored lipstick, in shades of pink or red. My first beauty memories were of a picture of a tube of lipstick and powder with white marabou feathers flowing from a vase on the dressing table. She always had a very avant-garde style, and at the same time very classic and natural And she’s always been in perfect shape. She truly epitomizes natural beauty, but she can also dress very elegantly. Her ability to combine these elements with the unique end result she achieved has always stuck in my mind and guided my approach to beauty: combining a natural base with touches of elegance. And simplicity. In terms of well-being, it taught me to always eat healthy, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoid sugar as much as possible. These lessons of minimalism and healthy, local consumption have become an integral part of my life.”

Valerie Grandeur, founder of Odacité

Valerie Grandori with her mother, Michelle Grandori.

Image source: Valerie Grandury

For most French women, a beauty routine [de ma mère] It was simple and consistent. Even today, if I go to bed without removing my makeup, I can still hear him say, “Cleanse your skin well and moisturize it properly before going to bed.” She relied heavily on oils, serums and massage to tighten the skin. After my first facial with the beautician when I was young, those moments became a monthly mother-daughter encounter. Audacity is deeply inspired by this beauty ritual, whether it comes to products and treatments or using gua sha to stimulate the skin. She was also a firm believer in natural skin, often saying that the best look is bare skin with a bit of lipstick and mascara, and that skincare should be makeup and everything else incidental. My mom was convinced that to have beautiful skin, you must nourish it from within, with a healthy diet and a glass of red wine! Like her, I’m particularly in favor of healthy, naturally radiant skin. I agree with his approach to healthy eating. Like her, my food is always home made and never processed. My mom was very French when it came to meat, cream, cheese and bread. As for me, I have a dairy-free veggie-only diet, but a glass of red wine is still on the menu! “

Vicki Tsai, founder of Tacha

Vicki Tsai with her mother Su Jin Tsai.

Photo: Courtesy of Vicki Tsai

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