Laval: The Ultimate Fighter Would Have Killed A Teenager

The more hours pass, the more the thesis of a mixed martial arts conquest loses its credibility, as the Giant faces life in prison for apparently stabbing and brutally beating a 17-year-old on Tuesday in Laval.

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Eduardo Larenas was formally charged with premeditated murder on Wednesday afternoon in a courtroom.

The 42-year-old has a short beard and looks a bit befuddled, and does not appear to have lost his towering muscle mass despite his last professional fight in 2018.

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It is also believed that his wife, Gladys Rosana Lopez, was involved in the crime, who faces charges of complicity in the murder.

The Argentine-born woman, who was wearing a white shirt and long curly black hair, appeared at the same time as her husband, via video.

I love you »

Like the attorney general, Ms.And Karen Dalfond, who opposed their release, will keep the lovebirds in custody.

They will have to return to class on June 28 for the rest of the proceedings.

While the judge has just explained to them that they no longer have the right to communicate with each other, mme Lopez couldn’t resist throwing in.” I love you In larinas, which means “I love you” in Spanish.

The 6’3″, 250-pound burly machine responded by imitating a kiss, then sliding a turn” I love you “.

The event took place at the origin of the indictment in the middle of the night, in a house the couple rented on Place de Courmorin, in a quiet area on the Saint-Rose sector in Laval.

Alleging that they had been assaulted at home, Larinas and his wife went to relatives staying nearby around 2 a.m. to call 911.

Never heard of violence

When police entered the couple’s home, they discovered the bleeding body of a 17-year-old.

The teenager, already known to the police, was a victim of incredible violence, allegedly stabbed and beaten to death.

Several Laval police officers were present at Cormorant Square, before Créate de Québec resumed the investigation.

QMI Photo Agency, Maxime Deland

Several Laval police officers were present at Cormorant Square, before Créate de Québec resumed the investigation.

Since he was unrecognizable, more experience was needed to get to know him.

Due to the possibility of links between Larenas and organized crime, the file was transferred to the Sûreté du Québec.

Investigators soon realized that the different versions of the facts did not agree with the evidence discovered at the scene. It is also possible that the young man was present at the residence long before the accused called 911.

An investigation is ongoing in order to shed light on this mysterious tragedy.

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