Julia Paredes: Her impressive hair transformation divides netizens

Julia Paredes is a new woman. On Instagram, this Thursday, May 26, 2022, a star Moms and celebrities She revealed the new haircut she chose for the summer. Netizens did not fail to share their opinions with him.

A few months ago, Julia Paredes and her companion booked a nice surprise for Internet users. In an Instagram post, The latter has announced their arrival “Third Child”. A very special project that took the two lovebirds a few weeks to realize. “Tadam, here we go! After months of work, Finally our project started to bear fruit ! Our Training Site (Physical Transformation), will be online Wednesday at 6pm! A project we’ve thought about together for you, so you can feel better in your body and in your mind. Whether you need to lose or gain weight, or change your appearance for your personal or professional life, we will be there to help you like real life coaches. You’ll have more information on Wednesday as well as the name of the third BB. Places will be limited due to This will be a personal training, We really take everyone’s time. We just hope you like it and help you daily‘, revealed.

A new look for a new life

And it’s not just Julia Paredes’ career that is changing. Indeed, on Thursday, May 26, 2022, the young mother also wanted a radical change. And that’s until the end of the tips. As shared on Instagram story, The latter had a makeover in the hairdresser. A few hours later, the mother of the family posted the result in a short video on Instagram. “New to me. What do you think?”I wrote in the caption, proud of this change. On the account of Julia Paredes on Instagram, netizens managed to discover the impressive transformation of the hair of a 33-year-old young woman. From short square, he went to long wavy hair.

Unfortunately, the expected effect did not exist with the subscribers of Julia Paredes. while I love some This is the new hair lookOthers shared their dissatisfaction in the comments. “Short suits you better”, “Beautiful but I preferred before”, “It is only my opinion, but there is no”, “It is beautiful, but the square suits you perfectly”, “I like the color, but I find the hair too long, very beautiful All the same “, they cried. Everyone’s taste varies.

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